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Dining Out: RIS

Restaurant Week was short for me this year- just three places, once of which I’ve been to before. Then I literally couldn’t find Todd Gray’s Watershed. (Seriously, drove around and around and around and no sign, no street numbers, no nothing, not even the hotel I discovered after calling, that it was supposedly housed in.) So it was down to two. Yikes. There goes my rep.

Luckily, I made it to RIS.

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In the kitchen: Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Christmas is officially over. Yesterday was the 12th day. So today there was the ritual putting away of things. Wrapping ornaments in tissue, packing up the tree, and once again heading to the mall to check out the sales and starting the stash of gifts for next year.

Call me crazy, but I love this time of year. There’s something so poetic about what’s left: on the trees, on the shelves, on the floor, and in the kitchen. This is when cooking is kind of fun and a little bit of a challenge.
Fr’instance, what do you do when you have a couple of pounds of cut red and green peppers left from a party, a vegetarian sister swinging by the pick up some stuff, and it’s lunch time? You make soup, of course.

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In the kitchen: Braising for Newbies

Getting veggies from the Farm is great, but from the moment they come in the door, the clock is ticking.

Tick, tick, tick, ROT.
The latest was a batch of cabbages. Mom gave me a few that were each about the size of a fist and suggested braising them. Which sounded pretty odd- butter? And water? Really?

In the kitchen: Tom Khaa Soup

Tom Khaa is one of my favorite comfort foods. It’s rich, savory, has a unique blend of flavors and even in warm weather it can refresh and soothe you. It’s also made with ingredients that are becoming increasingly more common in your local grocery, which makes it an exotic treat that’s easily in reach.

I’ve had this soup numerous times, but predictably I didn’t really enjoy it until I tried it in Thailand. I was on Ko Phi Phi, on vacation from my teaching job, stressed out beyond belief, hungry and tired. A beach side restaurant offered a big steaming bowl of tom khaa for 50 cents American, so I had to give it a go. Continue reading