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Dining Out: Apollo Burger, Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m not anti-chain restaurant, I’m pro-local business. If I desperately need caffeine and don’t have time to hunt down a funky coffee shop in, say, Toronto I’d sooner go looking for a Tim Horton’s for my cuppa Jean Louis (that’s “joe” in Quebecois, I’m sure) than a Starbucks. And in Utah, I’d sooner go to Apollo Burger than Five Guys (which has suddenly sprouted up all over the place- I was hanging out with another DC-expat who gleefully informed me that they have Five Guys in California now. Yikes.).

Since 1984, Apollo’s been serving up the pastrami-topped Apollo burger with fry sauce. That’s basically meat topped with more meat, finished off with something that is probably just mayo and ketchup, but somehow tastes better than it sounds. They also have really stellar onion rings. And as Adam Richman and his Travel Channel cohorts will tell you, their fingers and chins splotched with grease and glop, this is a Utah thing, yo.

Sometimes chains aren’t just for fools.


Dining Out: Utah

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