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Dining Out: RIS

Restaurant Week was short for me this year- just three places, once of which I’ve been to before. Then I literally couldn’t find Todd Gray’s Watershed. (Seriously, drove around and around and around and no sign, no street numbers, no nothing, not even the hotel I discovered after calling, that it was supposedly housed in.) So it was down to two. Yikes. There goes my rep.

Luckily, I made it to RIS.

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Dining Out: Adour at The St. Regis, D.C.

Went to Happy Hour Friday to flirt with cute boys and play darts and groove to the tunes of my yoot, and then had dinner with Viv- a friend I went skiing with in Tahoe. It being Restaurant Week, and us feeling flush with imagined wealth and privilege, we dined at Adour at The St. Regis (dahling!) and it was both elegant and wonderful… and yet not.

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Dining out: Corduroy, Washington, D.C.

Well, that was interesting. AT took some photos and hopefully she’ll send them along, but until then, hopefully my words will be sufficient. Continue reading