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In the Kitchen: White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Tart with a Graham Cracker Crust

After spending an inordinate amount of time messing about with recipes for lemon curd, I was really surprised to find, on a bag of Meyer lemons, the most uncomplicated recipe ever.


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In the Kitchen: Lemon curd

Checked another item off my kitchen bucket list the other day: lemon curd. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Lemon Ginger Cake

My electric oven exploded in a shower of sparks the day before Easter. But unlike Jesus, it didn’t rise again.

It was quite spectacular. I had just broiled a burger and sweet potato fries for dinner, and thought I’d just, you know, lower the heat about 150F and then pop in the carrot cake I had promised to bring to Easter dinner at the farm.

But alas, that’s when the heating element in the bottom of the oven ‘sploded. I admit I watched for a bit as the element, having been in contact with the ill-fitting drip pan for far, far too long, spat out sparks and charred stuff then (after I finally shut the door) burned itself out. When I opened the door again, the element had melted in two places and I had a half-baked cake. At 11 at night and church at 7 the next morning. Yikes. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Pasta Primavera

March in D.C. is super fun. No wait, that’s a total lie.

That whole “in like a lion/out like a lamb” thing would be a nice change from the constant roaring winds of January and the dry February cold, but instead the sky is overcast and dull, regardless of temperature- no more snowboarding, but it’s too cold for shorts. It could be 60F but it still looks so unpleasant outside you hardly register the temperature change. Marvy.

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In the kitchen: Lemon Basil Cookies

Herbs are fun. Not just the “twigs and seeds to meet your needs,” kind of fun. The “fool your friends and impress people” kind of fun.

They add a hint of something without revealing themselves. Crush fresh flowering thyme between your fingers and the scent gently overwhelms- green, full and clean. Dried and added to stuffing it’s more subtle, flashing across your tongue and disappearing before you can put your finger on the source.

The key to herbs is bravery. To taste and not overdo, but to not be afraid of combining flavors to augment the whole. My mother makes an amazing rosemary chicken. My father knows how to make sage sing in a loaf of homemade bread. Herbs are fun. Continue reading