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Dining Out: RIS

Restaurant Week was short for me this year- just three places, once of which I’ve been to before. Then I literally couldn’t find Todd Gray’s Watershed. (Seriously, drove around and around and around and no sign, no street numbers, no nothing, not even the hotel I discovered after calling, that it was supposedly housed in.) So it was down to two. Yikes. There goes my rep.

Luckily, I made it to RIS.

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Dining out: Melt Bakery, La Newyorkina, People’s Pops on the High Line, NYC

On a hot day there's nothing better than an ice cream sammie that didn't come from a factory.

When we were kids summer days were all about the pool. And the pool was all about the ice cream truck. Now we’re grownups and instead of the pool, we’re strolling the High Line in NYC and enjoying the summer heat. We’re not crazy, we just love the ice cream carts featuring ice cream sandwiches made with tasty gourmet cookies and filled with fancy ice creams. We’ve traded the Rocket pops for paletas made from frozen hunks of fruit and vegetable purees, studded with fresh herbs. And they all taste better than what we remember. Who says getting older isn’t fun? Continue reading

Give me my Sin again.

Could it be? Could I have been given another chance?

 In VA, blue skies and flying cows mean delicious artisanal ice creams, sorbets, and sinfully delicious cookies like the chocolate fleur de sel. Follow them @sinplicity1 Continue reading

Food Blogging Tip #318: Never miss a trick.

Today I experienced extreme blogger fail and missed out on some really delicious ice cream. So overall, it was a case of #LizFAIL. OH TWITTER, WHY HAST THOU FAIL-ED ME?

Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong, but I’m seriously. This glorious thing was out in front of the office today. Ever tried Sinplicity ice creams? Thai Peanut, Salted Caramel, Butter Pecan with Bourbon… and their Chocolate Fleur de Sel cookies. I’m trying not to cry into my water cooler cup because when I stumbled out the front door into the sunshine, I didn’t have any cash. Or my camera. #LizFAIL

ETA: The repeated editing is down to me being OVERCOME by regret. And I keep misspelling “Sinplicity”.  :p

On the Bookshelf: David Leibovitz’s The Perfect Scoop

I’ve never met David Lebovitz, but every time I look over at my bookcase and see his ice cream bible, “The Perfect Scoop”, I feel like we’ve gone through something together and come out the other side.

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On the shelf: The Perfect Scoop

>Having not yet invested in a CrackBerry I still get the bulk of my news from a daily digest of The Post (I’m a Washingtonian, sue me) called “Express” which is available free from boxes near Metro stations and bus stops, and The Today Show when it’s on at the gym and I’m up.

Sad, I know.

This is why I have just now learned of David Leibovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop.” Never mind that it’s been talked about on his blog since March. I never claimed that this site was a bastion of timely news, so there.

Anyway, I’m still excited about it. Even though I am too late to check out the California classes, I am taking a short vakay (ew, I said “vaykay“) at the end of this month and the thought of trucking out to Seattle for 1 or 2 days isn’t all that unappealing, but New Orleans still beckons. Alas, New Orleans wins, but since I am visiting friends in London soonish-like, I will be making a detour to catch David when he is back in Paris. I’ll be the one inappropriately clad in Bermudas and Christian Louboutins.

I will, nonetheless, be getting my copy toot sweet, because I am an ice cream and sorbet fiend and if David was kind enough to publish a recipe for Guinness-Milk Chocolate (possibly a rival in my affections for the Guinness-Dark they serve at The Irish Inn on occasion?) then the very least I can do is try it out. So it’s off to Crate and Barrel for an ice cream maker then off to Barnes & Noble for my new ice cream bible.

And from now on I’ll be checking David’s blog more often. Even though it, and he, makes me feel like a giant slacker.