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Dining Out; In-and-Out vs. Munchbar, Las Vegas

Woke up in Cedar City, Utah and got on the road with nothing but coffee and excitement to keep me going. I rolled into Las Vegas around noon, Salt Lake City’s Apollo burger still on my mind, and looked for fast food on the Garmin. I was betting that In-and-Out would be as good as everyone says.

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In the kitchen: Baked Burgers

We have some good fries and burgers out here in the DMV: Five Guys, Good Stuff, The Burger Joint, Rogue States, Michel Richard’s BLT, Ray’s Hell Burger, Crossfire. But just like with cupcakes, it feels like we’re merely riding the coattails of our fine burger-makin’ bros up north in the Big Apple.

Specifically the fine folks at the Corner Bistro in the West Village. Oh baby.
See that line coming out of that pub at 331 West 4th? That’s the place. Get in that line. And if you can’t, have I got a recipe for you…