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Dining Out: China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas Strip

I’m a fan of Jose Andres- between his restaurants and the way he shoved Anthony Bourdain’s face into a box of fruit at a farmer’s market on an episode of No Reservations (the one about DC, in fact), ordering him to inhale like it was a religious experience, he’s my favorite celebrichef.

I particularly like Oyamel- along side the freshest, most flavorful ceviche and tableside guacamole, there’s margaritas with salt foam and pork belly tacos, small but intensely flavorful ribs, cactus salad with lime dressing, chilaquiles, and crazy dishes like seared half Maine lobster with citrus salsa and a white chocolate mole. The desserts are okay, but the small plates really shine- I’d sooner have another cricket taco than the tres leches, but you can’t win ’em all.

Huddled in my hotel room in Cedar City, balancing my laptop on my knees while nibbling leftover ribs from Pat’s, and making loose plans for my short stay in Vegas, I found out that Penn & Teller were doing their thing at The Ritz, and that there was a Jose Andres restaurant at The Cosmopolitan. So I called and reserved a table.

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Dining Out: Utah

It’s weird, but I keep getting password reset emails for this blog. Maybe someone- not you, never you!- is hoping to hijack this thing? Can’t think of any other reason this would be happening. Maybe you’re upset, mystery someone, because I’m not using the domain you want as often as you would? Tough. It’s mine and you’ll just have to deal with it. :p

In the meantime, thanks for reminding me to post.

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Dining out: S’mac, Manhattan’s East Village, NYC

I admit it- sometimes I just have a craving for Kraft mac’n’cheese in all its orange-y glory. A dash of milk, a chunk of butter, swirl it around with cheesey powder and cooked elbow noodles, and stir. Maybe mix in some canned tuna or tomatoes or both. If I was feeling patient I’d bake it in the oven for half and hour. I’d skip the bowl and fork, and eat it out of the pot with a wood spoon. Sad but true, and I’d do it again except I’ve found a place that makes the ultimate comfort food too good for eating while leaning up against the kitchen counter.

S’mac (Sarita’s Macaroni and Cheese) is the thinking gals’ mac in varities like La Mancha (manchego, fennel and onions), Buffalo Chicken (buffalo sauce, blue cheese, chicken chunks),

Dining out: Yosaku Sushi, Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C.

A la carte sushi- nothing schmancy.

I like schmancy, but sometimes I miss the little local sushi places I went to back in Japan in the late 90s. The best were the neighborhood joints that were all dark, scratched wood; where any and everyone would stop by after work, pull up a blocky chair for a cold beer and sushi or chicken on a stick. Construction guys in their pantaloons, covered in dust and grime, would sit next to office workers with loosened Takashimaya ties, and drink until their faces were a nice shade of crimson. People were chatty and friendly (sometimes a little too- I will never forget being urged to try horse meat), it was all about the unwinding. Continue reading

Thinky thoughts: Aaaaaaaaaand… WE’RE BACK!

>I’m pleased to report that I have found a place to live! It’s about 5 miles from where I currently hang my hat, and it’s got everything I want- reasonable rent, a good sized kitchen with a pass-through (and with more cabinets then there are closets in the whole place), windows in every room (but not the kitchen- the bathroom, but not the kitchen), and a washer/dryer. I’m moving in the middle of next month.

I also changed jobs within my company and will be switching to a writing position next week. Yay! More writing! The only way my life could be better is… well, it’s pretty good right now. Best not to jinx it.

Restaurant Week was August 6-12, but a handful of places decided to extend that another week. Or two. I was lucky enough to get in meals at14K (okay, not lucky because it sucked, but I got to have lunch with my friend Alison, who is a marvelous person), Oyamel, Poste, Hook (and again for my mum’s birthday dinner), and PS7’s. I could not have been more pleased- I’m like a puppy wrapped in sunshine, here. Truleh. Capsule reviews after the jump. Continue reading

Dining Out: Dairy Godmother, Del Ray neighborhood, Alexandria, VA

I love frozen desserts. Love them. King Cones, Drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches are my drugs of choice. When Ben&Jerry’s has a new flavor, I’m there. When Haagen Dasz has free cone day I will find a way, even if it’s across town. Godiva mails me coupons for free Chocolixirs. I may be on a diet and exercise regime to get me into a tankini this summer, but I’d sooner give up my martinis than my ice cream. Pure and simple. The Dairy Godmother in Alexandria, VA’s Delray neighborhood will make all your ice dreams come true by serving up a slightly healthier, tastier, alternative to Haagen Dasz or Ben and his buddy Jerry. Continue reading

Dining out: Corduroy, Washington, D.C.

Well, that was interesting. AT took some photos and hopefully she’ll send them along, but until then, hopefully my words will be sufficient. Continue reading