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Dining Out: RIS

Restaurant Week was short for me this year- just three places, once of which I’ve been to before. Then I literally couldn’t find Todd Gray’s Watershed. (Seriously, drove around and around and around and no sign, no street numbers, no nothing, not even the hotel I discovered after calling, that it was supposedly housed in.) So it was down to two. Yikes. There goes my rep.

Luckily, I made it to RIS.

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Dining Out: Graffiato, Mt. Vernon Sq., Washington, D.C.

The list of farms they source ingredients from includes Cherry Glen- yesterday's sandwich had Cherry Glen Farms goat cheese in it. Coincidence?

 Graffiato means “scratched”. I didn’t watch Top Chef this past season so I’m not sure why Mike Isabella calls his new place (open June 2011) “scratched”- maybe I’ll get a chance to ask him someday. Right now, though, I don’t really care. I just can’t wait to eat there again.

Apologies in advance for the subpar photography- I found that while the dishes were lovely, I was more interested in eating them than immortalizing them. Continue reading

Dining out: Yosaku Sushi, Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C.

A la carte sushi- nothing schmancy.

I like schmancy, but sometimes I miss the little local sushi places I went to back in Japan in the late 90s. The best were the neighborhood joints that were all dark, scratched wood; where any and everyone would stop by after work, pull up a blocky chair for a cold beer and sushi or chicken on a stick. Construction guys in their pantaloons, covered in dust and grime, would sit next to office workers with loosened Takashimaya ties, and drink until their faces were a nice shade of crimson. People were chatty and friendly (sometimes a little too- I will never forget being urged to try horse meat), it was all about the unwinding. Continue reading

Dining Out: Tunnicliff’s Tavern, Eastern Market

Eastern Market: the rebuild went well, apparently!

I’m on a budget right now, so I’m not going to places I’ve already been, unless they are spectacular and have long glorious menus that I absolutely must continue exploring. But there are exceptions to the rule, right? Continue reading

Dining Out: Tackle Box, Cleveland Park

Workin' the raw bar at Tackle Box.

A soft opening is a a pretty good test of how a restaurant will fare. It’s a test of the staff- can they handle a rush of crazed Washingtonians eager to dine on free, fresh seafood? It’s a test of the customers- as in, are we willing to line up outside on a fiendishly hot night, to eat seafood in a place where the only water in sight is the intermittent spattering of the wet stuff.

The answer to the last is easy. This is Tackle Box, after all, and this is Cleveland Park, not Sparta. Despite some hot, muggy weather you can hardly call it dining in hell when there’s a red line Metro stop nearby, decent parking, and did I mention it was free? Continue reading

Dining Out: Kushi Izakaya and Sushi, Mt. Vernon Square

Achieve true unagi with this delicious little dish that left our bouches amoosed.
 The problem with having the absolute best of something is that you get spoiled to the point where you’re loathe to ruin a good memory or experience with something inferior. True, something might prove to be better (or just as good) but WHY BOTHER? YOU HAVE FOUND THE GRAIL. Continue reading

Dining Out: Dino, Cleveland Park

Since my last post I injured my hip, broke my wrist snowboarding in Tahoe and was laid off. What’s new with you?

But it’s not all bad news. I finally got to have a meal at a restaurant I’ve been walking by on my way to movies for ages- Dino.


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