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In the Kitchen: Lemon curd

Checked another item off my kitchen bucket list the other day: lemon curd. Continue reading



My list of 27 resolutions (and things to do) in 2007: Continue reading

On the shelf: Don’t Try This at Home: Culinary Catastrophes from the World’s Greatest Chefs

I got a copy of How I Learned to Cook for Christmas. (Ever notice that book covers sometimes incorporate the hot colors for the fashion season? Gotta love the trendy blue and brown there.)

Subtitled “Culinary Educations From the World’s Greatest Chefs”, it’s the one I’ll be picking up after I finish Heat, which is another story of men who are (as my friend Branden says about me) “armed with enough knowledge to be dangerous.” Continue reading

In the kitchen: Pierogi party!

Shake your pierogi, baby. Then bake it, bake it, bake it like a… cake. Yeah.

Okay, so I’m not going to be a pop lyricist.

Since my Christmas shopping was done, the cards were out and the tree was still sitting on the back porch (Mom likes to wait until Christmas Eve to decorate) I decided to take Mike up on an offer made in the fall and head out to Luray for a little cooking party.

My friend Jen and I headed out around 10, stopping at The Apple House in Linden for fresh apple cider donuts and a few bottles of Alpenglow- including a bottle of mulled cider flavor. We toddled around, clutching our grease-stained bag o’ donuts ($1 for 3), taking a look at the selection of Vera Bradley bags and other rustic, country-store offerings. Jen bought a bottle of instant chocolate mint martini mix (just add booze) and then we hit the road again. Continue reading