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In the kitchen: Compost Cookies

In picking your ingredients, go for a mix of textures and flavors. Mine had salty chips and pretzels (left out all but a pinch of salt in the recipe to compensate), dried fruit and chocolate. Mixing the chips and pretzels in by hand ensures they stay crunchy.

I love Momofuku- I went to the Noodle Bar with a friend years ago. Totally worth the line and sadly don’t recall taking pix, but I do remember it was a fabulous meal. When I heard David Chang had chosen VA-native Christina Tosi to make their desserts my first thoughts were a.) THEY HAVE DESSERTS? and 2.) see #1. Tosi has been making all things sweet for the three locations of Milk Bar for the past year or so, with fellow sugar jockeys from such pastry luminaries as Magnolia and Jacques Torres- everything is right with that. Everything. Continue reading


In the kitchen: Pumpkin Cookies

A pumpkin is a wonderful vegetable. But I’m sure I didn’t need to tell you that, dear reader.

In Japan I often picked up a kabocha (KAH-boh-chya) from the grocery, paring off the skin then cutting the flesh- reeking of fresh fall- into chunks. After they were nuked for 3-5 minutes in a dish covered with plastic, I sprinkled the kabocha with soy sauce, brown sugar and sesame and baked them in the oven for 30 minutes. Delicious, simple and good with a dish of rice. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Last night, for the very first time in my life, I learned how to use a food processor properly, and all because of a cookie dough recipe.

You say. How can you love food and cooking, as you claim to do, without knowing something how to use something so integral to food preparation as a Cuisinart?

Well, ’cause a resourceful lil’ moppet such as meself never had to use one. Continue reading