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In the Kitchen: (Sp)icebox Cake

My uncle’s vocation may be complicated (law), but he’s not. At all.  He’s a man of simple tastes.
He likes red wine (and will cheerfully try any bottle I give him regardless of price), makes delicious macaroni and tomatoes, when he mans the grill he flips epic burgers, and his favorite dessert (at least as far as I know) is icebox cake. So simple- a concoction of chocolate wafers and whipped cream that just takes a little bit of assembly and after 6+ hours in the fridge tastes a lot like a chocolate cake. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Lemon Ginger Cake

My electric oven exploded in a shower of sparks the day before Easter. But unlike Jesus, it didn’t rise again.

It was quite spectacular. I had just broiled a burger and sweet potato fries for dinner, and thought I’d just, you know, lower the heat about 150F and then pop in the carrot cake I had promised to bring to Easter dinner at the farm.

But alas, that’s when the heating element in the bottom of the oven ‘sploded. I admit I watched for a bit as the element, having been in contact with the ill-fitting drip pan for far, far too long, spat out sparks and charred stuff then (after I finally shut the door) burned itself out. When I opened the door again, the element had melted in two places and I had a half-baked cake. At 11 at night and church at 7 the next morning. Yikes. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Cassata alla Siciliana

Christmas was a roaring success! My sister and I did not fight, I was tired and stressed but kept the cracks from showing, everyone loved their gifts (yay!) and I learned some very valuable lessons. And a really good recipe! Continue reading