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Feedback wanted (and comments welcome)!

Doug the Food Dude and I had a chat this morning. He was parked on Crystal Drive, but I was running late and couldn’t stop, so I called the number on the side of his van to say hello.

As you know, it can be hard out there for a pimped out truck serving sammies and such, so in the interest of supporting good truck food, and a local business (on wheels), I encourage you to check out his Facebook page (Doug the Food Dude) and leave him some feedback. He’d love to hear from you! (And he is not paying me to say this, nor am I getting anything out of it.)

As an extra added bonus, merely by responding you’ll make my head swell to three times its normal size- which is good, because right now I’m still buying my knitted hats in the kids’ section.


Happy New Year!

It’s January 2, 2011. It’s the ninth day of Christmas. Bring on the ladies dancing! No really, trot ’em out there, please. I’m turning 40 this year and I need some dancing ladies, or maybe a single dancing gentleman. Straight, no chaser.

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>The end of an era.

>I never thought I’d live to see the day that Gourmet magazine would shutter its doors.

On the other hand, given the prevalence of The Food Network and online, well, everything, I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

Still, it’s like a part of me is gone. I was hoping to work there someday and it saddens me that magazines are doing so poorly and this one in particular.

Nothing left to do, but treasure the copies left on the shelf, buy the next few issues, and reminisce fondly.

Anyone have a favorite recipe from the magazine to share? Sing out!

Good Stuff: Adding zing to the same old thing.

After a hot day in Georgetown I was sucking down an organic lemonade with basil from Le Pain Quotidian, and realized that for the same price as one cup I could whip up a batch myself.

All you need is a package of basil, or a few leaves from a plant: crush them between your fingers to release the fragrance and oils, and let it infuse a bottle of lemonade, or a pitcher of same, in the fridge. Tarragon and rosemary also make a tasty drink.

If you lack the patience or aren’t partial to the tartness of fresh squeezed lemonade, I’ve found that the Santa Cruz Organic that Whole Foods sells for $1/32 fl. oz. is tastier than, say, Country Time, which is pretty bland and overly sweet.

>Where has all the "good stuff" gone?

>It’s still here, I just can’t seem to get an internet connection to work consistently. This has been a source of major frustration, because how can one be sure one is living if one does not blog about it?

However, I have it on good authority (the office IT guy and the good folks at MicroCenter) that this will change soonish. The Linksys dongle I have had since grad school has, apparently, hit the end of its warranty period by burning out and fading away. Kinda like how I feel after not having a vacation for about a year and a half. 😛

Upcoming stuff:

  • Co Co Sala restaurant and bar in DC.
  • Fooding and celeb-sitings in NYC.
  • Rhubarb! recipes for cake and a tart.
  • The fall of Bart Seaver (kidding, I have no idea if there was any falling involved).
  • Grasshopper tacos. Seriously.

Also, this September will mark the one year anniversary of my current job. Which will mean a party (and food) and a vacation (and more food). So, more blogging. Joy!

Stay cool, in a temperature sense, and come back soon 😀

>Hiatus, bye-atus.

>Hey there. Miss me?

(Gosh, that’s sweet of you.)

I’m really busy with the whole “looking for a place to live” thing.

(Do I buy a house and have a live-in renter? Do I rent a basement space? A studio? A 1BR? A condo?)

It’s pretty much taken over my life, actually.

But I’ll be back as soon as I am all settled in, because I’ve been excited about the prospect of having my own kitchen for so long that I will definitely make the most of it- whether it’s in a basement, apartment, studio or wherever.

Have a great summer!

>Taking a break.

>When the newest issue of Food&Wine came out with its list of the 10 top chefs I was all excited. DC’s Johnny Monis of Komi is on the cover and so I emailed a local reviewer (EL) and suggested we check out Komi (and Monis) together.

A few days later, EL emailed to say that Chef Monis decided to stop offering an a la carte menu and go to a prix fixe for $78/person. Which would be okay except that I’m househunting and EL is a student.

So, back to the drawing board.

While I focus on finding a place to live, I hope you will pardon me if I stop blogging here for a bit and check out Restaurant Week. I will report back, of course.