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In the Kitchen: White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Tart with a Graham Cracker Crust

After spending an inordinate amount of time messing about with recipes for lemon curd, I was really surprised to find, on a bag of Meyer lemons, the most uncomplicated recipe ever.


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In the Kitchen: Dark Chocolate Toblerone Brownies with Hawaiian Pink Salt

A friend of mine who lives in the Midwest swears by these for parties and potlucks. I couldn’t wait for her to send me a batch, so I looked the recipe up online and then proposed to my fellow poster on A Year of Baking Dangerously that we try it out. Here it is, with a few tweaks! It’s fairly easy- most bakers would have baking chocolate and cocoa in their pantries already, so the only thing left to get is the Toblerone bar. And the challenge is to not eat all the good stuff before you start.

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In the Kitchen: Lemon curd

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In the kitchen: Blueberry Ricotta Cheesecake

Baked cheesecake, cooled and ready for some fruity shenanigans.

When I was in 7th grade, a teacher for some class that’s lost to obscurity decided we should each pick something we were good at and demonstrate it for the class. Our grade would be based on how well we explained each step and completed our chosen task. In 7th grade I was really good at reading, drawing, mumbling excuses for why I couldn’t do a cartwheel in gym, and pestering my mother in the kitchen while she baked. So it was decided that I would demonstrate cake decoration using decorator tips and tubes of McCormick frosting- evil, horrid tasting stuff in bright colors not found in nature. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Compost Cookies

In picking your ingredients, go for a mix of textures and flavors. Mine had salty chips and pretzels (left out all but a pinch of salt in the recipe to compensate), dried fruit and chocolate. Mixing the chips and pretzels in by hand ensures they stay crunchy.

I love Momofuku- I went to the Noodle Bar with a friend years ago. Totally worth the line and sadly don’t recall taking pix, but I do remember it was a fabulous meal. When I heard David Chang had chosen VA-native Christina Tosi to make their desserts my first thoughts were a.) THEY HAVE DESSERTS? and 2.) see #1. Tosi has been making all things sweet for the three locations of Milk Bar for the past year or so, with fellow sugar jockeys from such pastry luminaries as Magnolia and Jacques Torres- everything is right with that. Everything. Continue reading

In the Kitchen: Glazed pecans for summer salad

A little sweet and crunchiness to mix into a summer salad.

Great with goat cheese crumbles and fresh blueberries, and chopped endive over a spring or herb mix salad. I chopped the pecans before sprinkling over my salad. Or leave them whole and risk eating them like candy- seriously, an entire cup of the things can go down in a blink. Also great to sprinkle over ice cream, mixed into brownies, etc. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Christmas is officially over. Yesterday was the 12th day. So today there was the ritual putting away of things. Wrapping ornaments in tissue, packing up the tree, and once again heading to the mall to check out the sales and starting the stash of gifts for next year.

Call me crazy, but I love this time of year. There’s something so poetic about what’s left: on the trees, on the shelves, on the floor, and in the kitchen. This is when cooking is kind of fun and a little bit of a challenge.
Fr’instance, what do you do when you have a couple of pounds of cut red and green peppers left from a party, a vegetarian sister swinging by the pick up some stuff, and it’s lunch time? You make soup, of course.

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