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Playing catch-up!

You  may have noticed a sudden influx of posts- basically, I got a nused laptop a few months ago and have only recently (*facepalm*) figured out how to download photos easily (card readers are so cool). I’ve also figured out how to post pictures with captions and insert clever things that show up when you hover over the photos with your cursor. It is getting to be way too much fun up in here with this intarwebz thing, y’all. w00t!

I’m also posting things all out-of-order like because I’m getting “caught up”. This blog is partially for me to practice writing about food and cooking, but also to keep track of things- a food diary, a list of “good stuff”- because I’se becoming a little forgetful. Like the other day I got a ticket in the mail and could not for the life of me remember driving where I apparently ran a red light (!!!) . I checked my LJ, Facebook, Twitter, and just… no clue. Time to get some gingko biloba, maybe?

I’m also trying to just write and not to get intimidated by people like Lynn Chen who post every day and are generally awesome.

If this confuses you, or you dislike the current state of chaos and disorder that is my blogging life, then… sorry? Let me make it up to you: comment on this post in WordPress and if you’re the first to do so, I’ll buy you lunch!

And if that’s not enough, here’s a bad picture of some really good beer I had with my friend Dana at Ram’s Head in Annapolis. Comments welcome- “good beer” is acceptable:

Good beer.


Dining Out: Shake Shack, Dupont Circle

This may well be the only photo in Shake Shack's history with no line out front and a capacity crowd.

The other night I was in DC and realized that a.) Rogue States shut down, and b.) Shake Shack had opened in Dupont Circle. And I hadn’t been yet. It was a pleasant evening (rare at this time of year) and I was walking from Chinatown to Dupont so I googled Shake Shack and then several blocks later there it was. Line and all. I got in line for some custard, but the flavor was banana bread and I was, well, nonplussed. However, the custard calendar for June revealed that on Saturdays they served Coffee & Donuts flavored custard, which meant a return trip was most definitely in order.

Having been to the New York location, I already knew I’d be getting a Shack burger with my custard. And the only way to offset this massive indulgence (and stay awake through the rest of the day and the evening’s plans) was to dig my bike out of the apartment building’s basement storage area, pump up the tires, scrounge around for a pair of bike shorts, and ride like the wind into town Saturday morning. By my English major-y calculations, if I left at 9:59 on the dot, I’d be arriving just in time to be first (or second, or third) in line for yummies. That was the plan. Continue reading


August 24 – 30 is DC Restaurant Week.

I just got weighed and body fat checked at the gym this morning- no surprise, following the concussion, the move, the trip, the return, etc. I’m up again. 145lb. 15.7%. That said, I’m still 15 lbs. lighter than I was when I first started working out over 2 years ago, still a size 8, and I’m relatively certain that if I actually DID my cardio (I’m a lying liar who lies- sorry, Trainer Guy) I’d get back down to 130-5 in short order.

Restaurant Week? Really? Um… can I get back to you on that? Continue reading

Dining Out: Fig at the Fairmont Miramar, Santa Monica, CA

I just got back from California, and boy are my arms tired.

Well, that’s a lie- I didn’t just get back. Physically I’ve been back for a week, but mentally I’m still on the plane eastbound. It’s hard to get the West Coast out of your mind: It took me two/three days to relax into it, by which time I had to start thinking about the return trip, because East Coasters? We’re a tense, driven bunch. Bleah.

Luckily, though, we had time to do some really good meals, including a to-die-for brunch.  I love brunch- the mix of sweet breakfast foods and savory lunch dishes is perfect for someone like me who can’t commit either way.  Clicky for more, including pictures of bacon-y goodness… Continue reading

In the kitchen: Pierogi party!

Shake your pierogi, baby. Then bake it, bake it, bake it like a… cake. Yeah.

Okay, so I’m not going to be a pop lyricist.

Since my Christmas shopping was done, the cards were out and the tree was still sitting on the back porch (Mom likes to wait until Christmas Eve to decorate) I decided to take Mike up on an offer made in the fall and head out to Luray for a little cooking party.

My friend Jen and I headed out around 10, stopping at The Apple House in Linden for fresh apple cider donuts and a few bottles of Alpenglow- including a bottle of mulled cider flavor. We toddled around, clutching our grease-stained bag o’ donuts ($1 for 3), taking a look at the selection of Vera Bradley bags and other rustic, country-store offerings. Jen bought a bottle of instant chocolate mint martini mix (just add booze) and then we hit the road again. Continue reading

Dining Out: Tryst in Adams Morgan

Got my copy of Heat in the mail, which is good because it’s wikkid cold outside.

Which makes it a perfect day to hit Tryst for cocoa and a comfy seat to do some reading and reflecting. Continue reading

In the kitchen: Baking with Martha

I have Martha-hatred. I don’t mean that I have a dartboard with her picture on it. I don’t seethe, I don’t silently curse her name, I am, in fact, indifferent. Which, I believe, is the true meaning of hatred.

I realize that that is probably sacrilege to a lot of folks, and a tad out of place on a blog entitled “good stuff”, but frankly I do not care. She is a felon, a liar, her ‘Apprentice’ show was cancelled for sucking so badly (okay, on the real it was probably because, as Patti suggests, her audience was oversaturated), and although I knit I do not want to make a poncho like the one she was wearing when she was released from prison. Don’t don’t don’t.

That said, the woman is a cookie-baking genius. Darn her. Continue reading