Dining out: S’mac, Manhattan’s East Village, NYC

I admit it- sometimes I just have a craving for Kraft mac’n’cheese in all its orange-y glory. A dash of milk, a chunk of butter, swirl it around with cheesey powder and cooked elbow noodles, and stir. Maybe mix in some canned tuna or tomatoes or both. If I was feeling patient I’d bake it in the oven for half and hour. I’d skip the bowl and fork, and eat it out of the pot with a wood spoon. Sad but true, and I’d do it again except I’ve found a place that makes the ultimate comfort food too good for eating while leaning up against the kitchen counter.

S’mac (Sarita’s Macaroni and Cheese) is the thinking gals’ mac in varities like La Mancha (manchego, fennel and onions), Buffalo Chicken (buffalo sauce, blue cheese, chicken chunks),


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