All the comforts of home.

Gourmet comfort food on wheels. Talk about dangerous.

Wasn’t looking for lunch when I ventured out today, but who can resist a smiling grilled cheese? Try the chevre w/ lemon fig and honey ($6.50). Follow @bigcheesetruck

It’s muggy and nasty outside, you’re saying as you’re looking at this picture, why oh why do you want a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, for starters owner Patrick Rathbone uses cheese from Cali transplant Cowgirl Creamery (also in Penn Quarter) in his toasty creations, and the chevre comes from Cherry Glen, a MoCo farm that specializes in the stuff. Because if I didn’t eat a sammie I would have gone for the Cracker Jack bar and buzzed all afternoon. Because he said he wouldn’t be back around for another month. Yeah, cost of being a food blogger.

Didn’t get much further than across the street before taking a bite.

Locally sourced goat cheese, lemon fig, spread, and honey on multigrain toast. You can just taste the MoCo grass in the cheese. (Okay, seriously? It's just really good.)

It was pretty much all that and more: crispy, yet slightly chewy bread; tangy cheese; sweet fig; touch of honey. Good thing, because these sammies are $6.50 a pop.

Here’s Patrick, the owner. He was a nice guy. For an enabler.

It takes a tough man to make a good grilled cheese sammie.

Patrick says they’re looking into putting grilled cheese sliders on the menu. Good thing, because settling on one flavor of sandwich is a toughie. Not hungry but want to get in on the goodness? Patrick is happy to assemble your sandwich and wrap it up so you can throw it on the skillet or panini press back at home base. Can’t beat that.


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