Feedback wanted (and comments welcome)!

Doug the Food Dude and I had a chat this morning. He was parked on Crystal Drive, but I was running late and couldn’t stop, so I called the number on the side of his van to say hello.

As you know, it can be hard out there for a pimped out truck serving sammies and such, so in the interest of supporting good truck food, and a local business (on wheels), I encourage you to check out his Facebook page (Doug the Food Dude) and leave him some feedback. He’d love to hear from you! (And he is not paying me to say this, nor am I getting anything out of it.)

As an extra added bonus, merely by responding you’ll make my head swell to three times its normal size- which is good, because right now I’m still buying my knitted hats in the kids’ section.


2 responses to “Feedback wanted (and comments welcome)!

  1. I’ve spoken to Doug many times. His lobster or shrimp wraps are good. He is at the Crystal City movie nights mondays and is at Ballston some Thursdays.

    • Hahaha! I knew this would happen because I can’t figure out how to disable comments. You misread: I don’t need the feedback, he wants it. On his Facebook page. But thanks. 🙂

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