Give me my Sin again.

Could it be? Could I have been given another chance?

 In VA, blue skies and flying cows mean delicious artisanal ice creams, sorbets, and sinfully delicious cookies like the chocolate fleur de sel. Follow them @sinplicity1

 The helpful Window Lady was giving out chunks of their famous chocolate cookie and I tried a bit of the Wicked Wasabi (wikkid as advertised) but I already knew what I wanted….

A Flirtation (cup filled to the brim) of lemon ginger and blood orange sorbets- perfect for a hot, sunny day.

A block later, I was “accosted” by trainers from L.A. Fitness with free 1-week passes. “It’s sorbet,” I mumbled. “I swear.”

“We don’t judge!” a chipper trainer assured me. “Our pools have no chlorine in them!”

I think maybe I missed something in there, but I could be wrong- at that point I was spoon-deep in cool, citrus-y bliss.  Jealous? You should be. Check out their site for more info. They also cater.



One response to “Give me my Sin again.

  1. Thier icecreams and cookies are very good. 🙂

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