Pretty pink food trucks for you and me.

Strangely, the Brinks guy didn't want to move from his spot in front of truck. If the angle looks weird, blame him. Darn you, Brinks guy!

At first, I thought they were selling women’s running shoes (“Sweet Feet”) then I noticed the little cupcake chef with a mustache. How adorbs! The dulce de leche is de lish. Look for these folks around VA. Follow them @sweetfleetllc

This was my first truckcake and it was pretty tasty for $3. Not sure about the carrot cake (doesn’t look “carrot-y”, just orange), and I’m not convinced that putting dulce de leche frosting on chocolate cake makes it a “dulce de leche cupcake”, but I do think Jason Reaves is on the right track with this one. 


From the top: red velvet, vanilla-topped chocolate, carrot cake, dulce de leche-topped chocolate.


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