Playing catch-up!

You  may have noticed a sudden influx of posts- basically, I got a nused laptop a few months ago and have only recently (*facepalm*) figured out how to download photos easily (card readers are so cool). I’ve also figured out how to post pictures with captions and insert clever things that show up when you hover over the photos with your cursor. It is getting to be way too much fun up in here with this intarwebz thing, y’all. w00t!

I’m also posting things all out-of-order like because I’m getting “caught up”. This blog is partially for me to practice writing about food and cooking, but also to keep track of things- a food diary, a list of “good stuff”- because I’se becoming a little forgetful. Like the other day I got a ticket in the mail and could not for the life of me remember driving where I apparently ran a red light (!!!) . I checked my LJ, Facebook, Twitter, and just… no clue. Time to get some gingko biloba, maybe?

I’m also trying to just write and not to get intimidated by people like Lynn Chen who post every day and are generally awesome.

If this confuses you, or you dislike the current state of chaos and disorder that is my blogging life, then… sorry? Let me make it up to you: comment on this post in WordPress and if you’re the first to do so, I’ll buy you lunch!

And if that’s not enough, here’s a bad picture of some really good beer I had with my friend Dana at Ram’s Head in Annapolis. Comments welcome- “good beer” is acceptable:

Good beer.


2 responses to “Playing catch-up!

  1. Awesome. I am generally an organized person but I do support “posting all out-of-order” in others.
    Oh, and “Good Beer”.


    • Thanks! Yeah, there’s these teeny part of me that’s all “YOU SHOULD NOT BE BACKDATING YOUR POSTS!” but I find that I can lull her insensate with a bottle of Troegs Sunshine Pils (talk about good beer) and a salmon steak.

      Liz 🙂

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