In family lore there are tales of disasterous trips to Denny’s- or maybe it was just one and it was a doozy. Someone coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe (pronouns changed to protect the innocent mom). A soda machine that was broken and only produced flat, syrupy yuck. A staff brawl in the kitchen. Yeah.

I think that Baconalia sort of makes up for all of that: Any restaurant, chain or no, that bellies up to the culinary bar with a maple bacon sundae deserves to be given a second chance, in my opinion. The saltiness of bacon, the sweetness of maple, and ice cream. Where is the wrong in that? Where???

That said, I feel like the fact that I just typed culinary bar and Denny’s in the same entry is proof enough that bacon may have jumped the shark as a trend…


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