August 24 – 30 is DC Restaurant Week.

I just got weighed and body fat checked at the gym this morning- no surprise, following the concussion, the move, the trip, the return, etc. I’m up again. 145lb. 15.7%. That said, I’m still 15 lbs. lighter than I was when I first started working out over 2 years ago, still a size 8, and I’m relatively certain that if I actually DID my cardio (I’m a lying liar who lies- sorry, Trainer Guy) I’d get back down to 130-5 in short order.

Restaurant Week? Really? Um… can I get back to you on that?

So, the concussion- back in May I clocked myself on my car door (car was parked on tilty driveway, unlocked car door, bent over to pick up fallen Nano, stood up too fast, hearts/stars/green clovers/blue diamonds) and after 3 days of nonstop headaches still hadn’t been to the doctor. I’m from good German stock- we’re stoic (well, usually). I was sitting in the kitchen at work frosting a batch of cupcakes I’d made in a vain attempt to ignore my latest railroad-spike-in-the-eye episode, when a coworker asked about the egg-shaped bruise on the side of my head. Then he said, “Have you been to the emergency room?”

Me: “…No.”

Coworker: “Did you not hear about Natasha Richardson?”

Me: “On it.”

I literally shot out the door, sprinted as fast as my high-heeled lil’ legs could carry me to the Metro, drove home to change into something waitingroom chic, grabbed a stack of books, and headed to Sibley to, you know, wait. The nice folks over there expedited me through, I got a CAT scan and a scrip for Vicodin (didn’t get it filled- WE’RE STOIC), was told to rest and summarily headed home for a nap.

The next morning the upstairs neighbors’ cleaning crew… er, “lady”… was doing her thing, which was keeping me awake, so that evening I trotted upstairs, exhausted and near tears, begging for some quiet for the evening and was basically told to bugger off and find somewhere else to live. A few weeks later I found a great apartment and have been living there for over a month. However, I have not yet done any EPIC KITCHEN STUFF. Something I plan to change over the next few days as I do some experimenting with syrups (because I gave up drinking when I started working out, but once in awhile I like a martini… or Italian soda).

The trip was California to meet Jess and Andi in person- two women I’ve been blogging with and talking to on the phone for the past two years. Andi is from NorCal but she was easily cajoled into flying south to San Diego to stay with us and entertain me while Jess was at work. We had sushi and laughed at the Twihards at ComicCon. Jess, meanwhile, is a bargain hunter par excellence and thanks to her I now have an unhealthy addiction to Off Fifth, Calvin Klein and BCBGMaxAzaria.

After bumming around Balboa Park and La Jolla during the day with Andi, drinking the most delicious chocolatinis in the evenings with Jess, I was wrung out. But we then had the trip to L.A. to see Chris Pine, Chris Noth and Olivia Thirlby in “Farragut North” at the Geffen. Because, you know, I like to see plays about politics pretty much anywhere other than D.C. (It was a really fantastic evening and right away I made up my mind to subscribe to the Shakespeare theater out here- you can get tickets for half of the season (something I can actually afford) and just pick the plays you want. So there’s an evening of “As You Like It” and “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” right there.) Then we strolled Rodeo Drive. And bought cupcakes- just to see if they were better than in New York. And D.C.

Sunday was Santa Monica and bacon. Monday, Cara (formerly of D.C.) and I hiked Torrey Pines, swam at the beach, ate back everything we’d burned off at the Golden Spoon, and then I went to Del Mar beach to wait for Jess to get off work (reading Butcher’s “Backup” and getting a major sunburn on my legs in the process). Then back to her place for dinner, and onto a plane at 10:30pm. Because I like to live dangerously.

Still not quite over the jetlag. And, sadly, still not quite over San Diego. I love it. I want to go back. I have cousins out there- Sandy and Stan married in Del Mar last October, so it was lovely to be back in that area again. And the weather is to die for- overcast in the morning, but it all burns off by 9ish and then you get wide open skies of blue and 70F all day every day. Rather than 90+F and HUMID AS AN OVERLY FRIENDLY AND VERY WET DOG. They say you get tired of the lack of seasons- HAH. I haven’t noticed seasons changing since I left school, so I bloody well think not.

And I also changed the layout of this blog a bit. Like the new header? That’s cousin Kristen’s old dining nook in Bellvue, with our grandmother’s chairs and table. Haven’t seen the new dining room yet. Putting that on the agenda, as well as the Colorado brewer’s fest. And Toronto in November to meet up with Sam and Lindsay again.

But first, Restaurant Week. Dammit.


One response to “Headbangin’

  1. >How funny. I just saw "Farragut North" at the Contemporary American Theater Festival, but it was in WV, so it counts as outside of the DC area, right?And *any time* you are seeing "As You Like It" or "Mrs. Warren's Profession" let me know. I love those plays.:-)

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