>Where has all the "good stuff" gone?

>It’s still here, I just can’t seem to get an internet connection to work consistently. This has been a source of major frustration, because how can one be sure one is living if one does not blog about it?

However, I have it on good authority (the office IT guy and the good folks at MicroCenter) that this will change soonish. The Linksys dongle I have had since grad school has, apparently, hit the end of its warranty period by burning out and fading away. Kinda like how I feel after not having a vacation for about a year and a half. 😛

Upcoming stuff:

  • Co Co Sala restaurant and bar in DC.
  • Fooding and celeb-sitings in NYC.
  • Rhubarb! recipes for cake and a tart.
  • The fall of Bart Seaver (kidding, I have no idea if there was any falling involved).
  • Grasshopper tacos. Seriously.

Also, this September will mark the one year anniversary of my current job. Which will mean a party (and food) and a vacation (and more food). So, more blogging. Joy!

Stay cool, in a temperature sense, and come back soon 😀


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