In the kitchen: Figs, whine, and cheese.

Dried figs are good, but fresh figs, with cheese? Delicious.

I finally found some of that amazing Lemon Stilton I’ve been looking for at Whole Foods, of all places. In fact, while the woman behind the counter was giving me a sample three other people came up and wanted to try it as well. It was perfect- creamy, slightly sweet, studded with shreds of candied lemon peel.

Since my $6 wedge was handed back to me about $2 smaller, I picked up a little wedge of gooey Blue d’Auvergne, a large slice of Robusto (a gouda/parmesan hybrid), Gouda with basil and garlic, and two boxes of organic figs- one green (Sierra) and one black (Mission). Yummy.

The Sierra figs were milder and less sweet but had a creamy texture. The Mission figs were sweeter, which makes me think they would be better cooked. Raw, they were delicious. In fact, smeared with the cheese (softened to room temperature) and accompanied by a few water crackers I had a great dessert for when friends came over last week.

The leftover figs I poached in red wine spiked with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and a bit of brown sugar. I could have made a syrup but I didn’t have the patience, frankly. The kitchen smelled amazing- like fall- and all I could think was that a dollop of creme fraiche would have finished it off nicely.

So I’ve added fig season to my produce calendar. It’s going to be a long wait for the next one, but now that I know it’s coming it will be worth it.


4 responses to “In the kitchen: Figs, whine, and cheese.

  1. >OMG, I love cheese and figs! I’m so hungry now. I’ve loved fresh figs since I was a little girl in Moscow…maybe I can find some at a store tonight.

  2. >this sounds really delicious!

  3. >that lemon cheese sounds amazing – i’ll have to look for that.i’m totally spoiled for figs by all my childhood trips to see my family in southern italy, just pickin’ figs right off the tree.

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