Thinky thoughts: Aaaaaaaaaand… WE’RE BACK!

>I’m pleased to report that I have found a place to live! It’s about 5 miles from where I currently hang my hat, and it’s got everything I want- reasonable rent, a good sized kitchen with a pass-through (and with more cabinets then there are closets in the whole place), windows in every room (but not the kitchen- the bathroom, but not the kitchen), and a washer/dryer. I’m moving in the middle of next month.

I also changed jobs within my company and will be switching to a writing position next week. Yay! More writing! The only way my life could be better is… well, it’s pretty good right now. Best not to jinx it.

Restaurant Week was August 6-12, but a handful of places decided to extend that another week. Or two. I was lucky enough to get in meals at14K (okay, not lucky because it sucked, but I got to have lunch with my friend Alison, who is a marvelous person), Oyamel, Poste, Hook (and again for my mum’s birthday dinner), and PS7’s. I could not have been more pleased- I’m like a puppy wrapped in sunshine, here. Truleh. Capsule reviews after the jump.

14K was a place that I’d passed on food a few times and was excited to go to because it looked nice and served “American cuisine”- I’m always curious about American cuisine, because as far as I know our food culture is so deeply rooted in other country’s cuisines that we don’t really have a distinctive take on anything. Sadly, Alison and I hit them on the first day of Restaurant Week and not only did the service really suck (we had to steal salt and pepper shakers from another table, our starter salads never appeared, like other tables around us we had to get our own water, we got an extra $4 “levy” tacked on our bill that we couldn’t get rid of) but they served Alison the first ever dry bread pudding I’ve ever had. It… was… bad. The entrees were lovely, though. American cuisine seems to be built around fish.

A lunch with Jen at Oyamel, by contrast, was so wonderful that I got home and immediately logged on to Open Table and made dinner reservations. Really. That good. Jen was my willing accomplice and she was just as googly-eyed over the whole thing as I was. Our waiter was amazing, with lots of good recommendations and timely water glass-fillage (and he didn’t make us feel like scum for sticking to the menu). The food was spectacular- dessert was caramel studded with sorbet for Jen, and chocolate custard with ice cream for me. Beautiful and yummy.

Poste was lurvely. My mother had had a bad meal there was was adamant that it was not worth going to. I love my mom- she’s rarely wrong, but when she is it can be a good thing. Ghina was a total good sport about my picture taking- probably because she also thought everything was too purty to eat. Poste was divine. I love the decor and I have a crush on Chef Robert Weland. A crush, I tell you! He takes organic cooking to a level I’ve not experienced. They served s’mores- with homemade marshmallows and homemade graham crackers! Our waiter was good- great recommendations and, added bonus, he answered my questions cheerfully. And well. Boo-yah!

Hook was particularly special. The chef, Barton Seaver, is a friend of my sister’s and it’s always fun to see folks we know succeed. Bart did wonderful things with Saint Ex and Bar Pilar and now he’s moved his act to Georgetown, and what a wonderful act it is. The premise of Hook is sustainable seafood- the menu includes fish you don’t always see in restaurants (bluefish, rockfish, mahi-mahi, arctic char, yellowfin tuna, etc.) It’s a great idea and not only is the food amazing, but the service is fabulous- the waitstaff knows about each fish and can recommend suitable choices based on dietary restrictions and tastes. Both times I went, I wanted to hug my waiter and thank him for the fantastic meal.

PS7’s decor is fabulous. A mishmash of school and art gallery, it’s got automated sliding doors leading into the kitchen; a soundtrack from iTunes featuring Thievery Corporation, Amy Winehouse and Tracey Thorn; waitstaff in blue buttondowns and matching ties; iced water poured from Erlenmeyer flasks; a ribbon of blue wood that creeps from the floor up to the ceiling that ripples along from the front to the back of the room. Cubist paintings on shelves and terra cotta walls give a sense of funky warmth. It’s purty. The food is also darn good (American cuisine done oh-so-very-right, this time) and our waiter made recommendations that were spot on- right down to the glass of red zin to go with my lamb. Being neither a red drinker, nor particularly good at choosing wines at all, I was very pleased (they serve wine in 3 and 6 oz or by the bottle). Little touches like apple and bacon biscuits for the pre-dinner bread and cocktails the size o’ Texas were welcome and enjoyed. Great evening. I managed to dial back my cellphone camera usage (which made my cousin Kate happy), but it was haaaaard! I wish I’d taken notes on the menu because it was amazing and I’ve forgotten half of it already in my post-foodie haze of satisfaction.

Anyway, I’m hitting the gym so that I don’t end up regretting any of that lovely food.

Have a great week!


3 responses to “Thinky thoughts: Aaaaaaaaaand… WE’RE BACK!

  1. >Congrats on the new job darlin! Wish i could have joined you on that run of restaurants.

  2. >welcome back 🙂

  3. >Thanks Garrett and Kat 🙂

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