Podcasts for Foodies: Aural bites

Without a trace of irony I can say right now that I love iTunes. Love it. Not only do I get singles for $1.29 a pop (that can now be burned multiple times/played on many different players, etc.) from albums that in toto I might loathe, but I also get podcasts. Podcasts that I can listen to at work. Podcasts about food and cooking. Yay!

The two latest additions to my suscriber list are KCRW’s Good Food hosted by Evan Kleiman and NPR: Hidden Kitchens with the Kitchen Sisters.

Good Food has so much to love. First off, they are currently featuring farmer’s market reports, which is fab for someone like me who is an impulse buyer (who has a bad habit of buying things that aren’t necessarily in season or things I don’t know how to use in a recipe). Much fun. Second, Jonathan Gold, THE Jonathan Gold, does their restaurant reviews. Best hour on radio.

Hidden Kitchens is hosted by the Kitchen Sisters (Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson), who are responsible for the Lost & Found Sound radio anthology. They cover food lore and culture from all over the world in 7 to 15 minute increments- anything from the meaning of a George Foreman Grill to immigrants to Ojibwa rice picking rituals in the Midwest. It’s smart food. (The pic is “Mozart holds a liver dumpling, from the cover of Kurt Palm’s Wolfgang Is Fat and in Good Health. ” Courtesy Kurt Palm from the Hidden Kitchen’s site 1/26/07’s podcast.)

Downloading these onto an iPod make for a good walking or running soundtrack. And makes you enjoy the meal to follow your workout even more, at least in my experience. If you listen at your desk, like I do, I suggest keeping a pack of gum or some low-cal candy in reach so you don’t overeat as a result of listening to these folks. Gold didn’t win the Pulitzer for nothing!


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