The wedding and all that came after.

Hi there. Remember me? The girl who dieted and lived to tell about it?

Well, the wedding went off beautifully. The bride was contagious, she burned like a bride (thank you Paul Simon). Despite the big day being on Friday the 13th, there were no little dramas to speak of, aside from the photographer being a tad flaky and keeping us poor ladies outside in the cold for far too long while she issued vague instructions and twittered nervously. My dress fit- in fact it was a little too big in some places, which was fabulous after all the work I put in. I was disappointed about not being able to get a shot of myself with my cousin (the bride) but then a very nice one taken by another bridesmaid resurfaced a few days ago- I’ll post it, but I warn you that I really just do not photgraph well.

Having lost about 11 lbs. and over 5% body fat, I can now get back into all of my clothes again- including my 10+yo Gap jeans that came on the market before all this stretch nonsense. Yay. Since I’m looking down the barrel of swimsuit season, I decided to go for another round of bootcamp. I work out between 30 and 60 minutes a day and lift twice a week and currently live quite happily on a “diet” of a Luna bar for brekkie and Lean Cuisines for lunch. Not really food blog fodder, I admit, but then there’s dinner.

Oh dinner. How I love thee! You are the meal of my dreams, hopes, wishes and fears. You are what I blog about.

Lest you think I am having an easy time of it, let me tell you something- losing weight is not all sunshine, puppies and kittens.

  • First, one’s mother tends to say things like “You look great. Now don’t screw it up.” She says this on a daily basis. Grrrrr…
  • Second, one fits into one’s old clothes again, which means either no shopping or parting with a pile of clothes that, once scorned, are now wearable (one is looking for an apartment, so one needs to watch one’s pennies).
  • Third, one has to constantly remind oneself that one will not gain a whole entire pound if one takes a single day off. And one must take a day off to refresh oneself, because daily workouts are exhausting and there’s nothing worse than burnout.
  • Fourth, all that money that one is no longer spending on snacks, drinks, etc. is now going toward new running shoes and workout clothes.
  • Fifth, one needs a goal to achieve one’s workouts. One can’t figure out one yet- fitting into a pair of bike shorts? Being able to run a mile in less than 8 minutes? Wearing short shorts? (Okay, not the short shorts. Ech. Some styles should just… go away.)

Boring you yet? Gee, I’m truly sorry about that.

The good news is…. (insert ‘drumroll’ here) there’s one last very small check to write and then my debt is paid off. Which means as of this month I am apartment hunting! Or rather “kitchen-hunting.” Yay!

And then there shall be cooking: Crate & Barrel will become my second home (I’m already buddies with half of the staff at our nabe location) and I will finally get to go through every issue of “F&W” and that new mag “Weekday Cuisine” and go absolutely insane with kitchen-havingness. There will be dinner parties and brunches and more blogging. Oh joy!

In the meantime, you can find monthly restaurant reviews from me, and other lovely folks across the country, here.



2 responses to “The wedding and all that came after.

  1. >I go to read your reviews now!

  2. >Congrats on losing some pounds. It’s always rought to say good bye to cheesecake.

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