>Cookie Thursday: The Return!

>Restaurant Week will continue with abandon, but I am behind on my IRA, so I must content myself with Cookie Thursday, returning this week (along with Grey’s Anatomy. Pure coincidence, I tell you!).

Cookie Thursday has become my way of celebrating the end of the week- indeed, just having that week is cause for celebration! I baking cookies, relax with jazz or one of the few tv shows I like to watch regularly, and look forward to Friday, when I present my coworkers with fresh baked goodies and then blog about the recipe. With pictures, when I can.

So Thursday night, while the world is dining downtown, I will be cracking open Martha’s Holiday (2005) for another great recipe while Psapp‘s “Cosy in the Rocket” plays softly in the background.

Join me, won’t you?

(Note: the picture comes from Martha’s site. I miss my camera!)


2 responses to “>Cookie Thursday: The Return!

  1. >Wow–you have some lucky co-workers! I could never motivate myself to bake cookies every single week . . .

  2. >LOL, if you want, I have a good camera for sale that craigslist doesn;t seem to be able to move. :PYay for cookies by the way! I plan to teach myself a good oatmeal cookie once and for all this year!

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