Dining Out: D.C. Restaurant Week

After years of missing this due to overwhelming cases of either apathy or ignorance, I managed to get in on D.C. Restaurant Week! A dear friend, who I haven’t had a chance to see since early last month, got reservations at Corduroy and I got a spot. I’m quite excited because not only will I be sharing the meal with dear, lovely BR, but Corduroy has been on my list of places to try and for one fantastic evening I can actually afford it without guilt or taking out a title loan.

That said, I’ve read the reviews put forth by other bloggers and by local publications- it’s been a mixed bag. The menu wasn’t out when I dropped in at lunch to scout the place out, but the lunch menu looked fantastic.

We’ll see!

Meanwhile, I am a little cranky because I have somehow lost my ponytail holder. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I didn’t have time to style and blowdry this morning- so I pulled it back so it would at least be out of my face. And now it’s gone and I am going into a top DC eatery with my hair in a tizzy. Feh! My mother would be shocked and I’m none too pleased myself. (There’s almost no point in putting on makeup now since no one will be able to see my face anyway!) However, I am carrying a haute bag, so maybe that will get me a bye of sorts.

Review to come. How could I not?

(The pic is from their site. I just got the news the other day that my camera will not be back from the factory until mid-February. I would be inconsolable, but I haven’t time what with 2.5 hours to finish a project and dinner to look forward to!)

This post has been brought to you by Liz, who likes you very much!


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