Movie: The Devil you say…

Okay, no food here. Again. I overindulged and now I’m paying the piper. And it’s going to get worse, because per my resolutions I have to start exercising again and eating less. (Sigh.) That said, I have dinner plans from now until March, including 4 parties which means new recipes and possibly the Martha cake. Woo-HOO!

Today I had a half of a bagel with salmon cream cheese and then swanned around the house recovering from yesterday (First Night fireworks, dinner and drinks with friends) before walking for an hour and a half, then doing some exercises on the giant exercise ball I bought several months ago. Exercise balls are very hard to balance on for laterals- I nearly rolled right off mine several times mid-crunch and crashed right into the floor! And then, for the first time since before Christmas, I was actually hungry. Hungry for dinner. And I didn’t eat myself stupid this time. Yay! The learning curve is steep, but it can be climbed.

Dinner was fabulous. We’re good Germans. We had our red cabbage and blackeyed peas- for health and wealth. Mom also made a fantastic pork loin, roasted onions, salad and baked potatoes. It was a little traumatic, however, as my grandmother (whom I had idealized for being love personified in the kitchen) was decried as being a lesser chef than Mom. Wah! All my dreams are shredded. Must go to bed. (I still think she rocked in the kitchen.)

Anyway, because it was a long, dramatic day (no, not going to explain that one) we ate, watched the game- USC (Mom’s team) pummelled Michigan (my uncle’s alma mater) yet again- and then popped The Devil Wears Prada into the DVD player.

I saw this pic in the theater with my mother and 80 little old ladies in Chanel. Not kidding. I read the book and have mixed feelings about this movie which I can only now express in words. KT Tunstall is playing on iTunes, so let’s have at it, shall we? Here goes:

1.) A recent college grad and her chef boyfriend could not afford that apartment. Sheer fantasy and as someone who would someday like to live in New York, that bothers me. I feel hosed. Bastards.

2.) Meryl Streep plays the kind of woman my mother’s generation wants to be. I know this because my mother and aunt both said as much. Quake in fear, folks, and darn you Ms. Streep!

3.) This book was good, but after searching high and low for publishing jobs and working with some real pieces of work, I can confidently say that Lauren Weisberger is an idiot and the movie shows just what a thoroughgoing twit she was. A million girls really would kill for her job- heck, I’m one of them! On first reading I thought Miranda Priestly was insane, but frankly after rereading and watching the movie (and seeing the crazy made flesh in my own life) I have no sympathy for Weisberger. She was lucky to work with Anna Wintour (if that really is who Miranda Priestly is based on) because women like Wintour are difficult for a reason- they get things done that no one else can do. They have authority and opinions and they take control. Frankly if Weisberger really was that snotty- you don’t walk into an office and disparage everyone just because you don’t “get” them- she deserved what she got. (Yeah, I’ve gone to the Dark Side. Pass me the Prada lipgloss and get me a burning hot latte. Now.)

4.) The movie had to have a more noble, hopeful bent to appeal to audiences and it did and it was good for it. Part of that was in changing the characters, like Nigel (Stanley Tucci onscreen). In the book, Nigel is a screaming queen whose only goal is to insult Andy constantly and make her a “clacker” (one of the beautiful girls in stilettos who “click-clack” through the lobby into the building). But in the movie Tucci’s Nigel has more style, is more bite-y and funny and is like an ally who gets Andy into the “Vogue closet” and gives her a makeover to end all makeovers. That was a great leap in character development, imho. What was not a good change, however, was that they tried so hard to make Miranda sympathetic. Way to confuse me there, people!

5.) Simon Baker’s eyebrows were very very unsexy. They looked thick and furry and pasted on- it was like he was permanently surprised. Not good. Fire your stylist, Simon, right now. You’re a good looking guy with a fabulous smile and a smokey voice (don’t get me started on the bod- his towel scene shows that there was McSteaminess before Shonda Rimes came along).

6.) This movie makes me want to whip out my (nonexistent) black Amex and buy some couture. Being average, broke girl SUCKS! I want some Prada and I want it NOW! Ahem. Sorry about that. Don’t know where that came from. (By the way, good luck getting into that site. I couldn’t- probably because they sensed that I couldn’t afford to buy anything. Except the lipgloss, which I do actually have.)

7.) Good first “grownup” role for Anne Hathaway (She kisses! She flashes a bustier! She (gulp!) comes on to guys!). But the toe ring? Ech.

8.) Emily Blunt is gorgeous. All that red hair and those jewel toned shadows they raccooned her with showed off her fabulous eyes. Screw Anne Hathaway, I wanna be Emily Blunt! I always laugh my arse off at the scene where Andy tells her she looks thin. She gets really excited and happy and tells Andy about her diet plan- “I don’t eat anything, and when I start to feel faint I eat a cube of cheese!” No wonder men think women are nuts.9.) After watching that movie I have decided on a handbag. This one. Yummy! It’s slouchy, biker-chic, cool. And I can afford it.

10.) If I have to listen to “Suddenly I See” one more friggin’ time I’m going to beat my computer with the Toblerone bar I got for Xmas that’s sitting on my desk… mmmm, chocolate…

Happy New Year! Have a cube of cheese… or a triangle of chocolate… and sleep well.


5 responses to “Movie: The Devil you say…

  1. >”Devil” was my favourite fun movie of the year.I saw your post about pierogies. I love pierogies. The first time I ate them it was the real thing… they were made by a Polish nun in Alberta!

  2. >Hmmm… Polish nuns. I like that. :)TDWP was good- it awakened my inner girly-girl and that’s not a bad thing, right?- but I think they made a mistake making Miranda too sympathetic. Just my humble opinion 😉

  3. >I haven’t seen this movie yet – I am intrigued, though…I think I’ll get it for the weekend.My husband’s grandparents came over from Germany & his mom taught me how to make homemade perogies…his favorite.p.s. I really like your site. :o)

  4. >Why thank you! I have fun doing it :)Come back and let me know what you thought of the movie.

  5. > the by, shut up, “suddenly i see” rocks. cute bag too. now if only i can dress as simon baker in this film. *le sigh*

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