My list of 27 resolutions (and things to do) in 2007:

1.) Join the Y. I have got to look good in a bridesmaid’s dress in April- for me!

2.) Get a job. Not an “okay for now” job, a career.

3.) Start listening to people who believe in me.

4.) Study that copy of Strunk&White and get the difference between a semi-colon and a colon firmly planted in the ol’ noggin.

5.) Take a food writing class.

6.) Try Martha’s Sweet and Salty Cake recipe.

7.) Learn to cook at least one new regional dish well- whether Japanese, Korean or Thai.

8.) Find, and purchase, a pasta machine. And use it!

9.) Start dating again. Ulp!

10.) Make up my mind about a handbag and buy the d*mn thing before 2008!

11.) Travel. I have a free plane ticket I must use before June.

12.) Follow up and follow through.

13.) Identify and then get rid of the junk.

14.) Find a kitchen.

15.) Finish Dad’s slipper socks (Xmas gift from last year- bad daughter, bad!).

16.) Learn more about tea, including recipes. Try some new ones.

17.) Take a tasting class and a cooking class.

18.) Get wine-y. Hit Grey Ghost in the spring for a bottle of viognier. In fact, become a viognier snob. Or a Reisling snob.

19.) Discipline myself and save money for something- dinner out at a fancy-schmancy place, a massage, a day on the slopes, something. (In short, stop treating the credit card like a gift card and make more of an effort to budget.)

20.) Say “no” without guilt, say “yes” without fear.

21.) Learn the seasons for fruits and veggies- think of it as a quality issue.

22.) Accept folks for who they are, accept me for who I am- when I go against my better nature that’s when things go all circus animal on me.

23.) Meet other D.C./Metro foodies. Post an event on FBS.

24.) Knit an hourglass sweater from this book and a pair of toe socks.

25.) Hit the library more often.

26.) Forgive Floyd, get back into riding, and watch the TdF.

27.) Get creative. Recondition at least one piece of clothing- I have a cashmere sweater that is beggingto go sleeveless (hmmm… the sleeves would make a good tie for the sweater…).


2 responses to “Resolved!

  1. >Colon vs. SemicolonColon is used for lists, seperating an independent clause from an incomplete clause. Semicolon is used to seperate independent clauses when there is no conjunction. Semis seperate what would otherwise be individual sentences. Think of them as a period replacement.i.e.I ate the following on Wednesday: 2 scambled eggs, 3 strips of turkey bacon and a turkey-based hot dog.I had no idea what I was going to eat for dinner on Wednesday night; Perhaps the Black Rooster Pub has good food that I could try, or should I take my chances at the Pentagon Food Court?

  2. >And, BTW Floyd was Framed!

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