>I did it!

>Despite getting little or no sleep last night I dragged my arse out of bed this morning and hit the maul and got my shopping all done! In one hour. Seriously.

My friend GS asked my secret. Here it is:

Be born into a family of folks who like to cook.

That’s right! Easy! I went to Crate & Barrel and, with the help of a spectacular store designer named Corinne, bought all my gifts in one hour and was only $4.36 over budget! (I have to return a few things I don’t actually need, so it might turn out to be about $10 under, but so what.)

Tonight I wrap, nosh on kebabs with AR and write Xmas cards.

Beat that, Santa!


2 responses to “>I did it!

  1. >I did all mine on amazon this year. Go us.

  2. >I wish it was that easy… but how fun it must have been to get it all done in one fell swoop! Good job!

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