Dining Out: Tryst in Adams Morgan

Got my copy of Heat in the mail, which is good because it’s wikkid cold outside.

Which makes it a perfect day to hit Tryst for cocoa and a comfy seat to do some reading and reflecting.

With it’s comfy couches, which you may find yourself sharing with some creative and interesting folks, and tables stuffed in every nook and cranny, Tryst is a hotspot at any hour. The food is delicious, but it’s the hot drinks that will really satisfy. The coffee preparation itself is a show (sit at the bar and watch- the barristas will not disappoint). The cocoa at Tryst is served in giant cups with a side of animal crackers. There really is nothing more to say about that- rich creamy cocoa with a shot of flavoring (cinnamon for me) in a small tub with cookies. $3 well spent, in my opinion.

Another great spot to hit for warmth and chocolate is the newly opened Buzz Bakery. Comfortable seating, a play kitchen and fanciful wall art fashioned from kitchen utensils make it an experience for all the senses and a place to relax and enjoy.

Lindsey and the Buzz staff, which includes several CIA-trained pastry chefs, will wow you with tasty desserts like chocolate creme brulee (another $3 well spent), which is rich and enticing. Their cupcakes are miles better than DC’s CakeLove- moist, tasty cake with fresh frosting. Cookies and chocolates are treats for the sense. The Zebra espresso, a combination of white and dark chocolate, is among a selection of hot drinks that are licenced to thrill. There’s also a menu of sweet martinis for a buzz of a different sort. Coming soon: hot, plated desserts such as Belgian waffles with fruit compote.

We may not live in New York, at least we can eat like we do.


One response to “Dining Out: Tryst in Adams Morgan

  1. >Mmmmm, Tryst. If I weren’t searching for a humidifier after work, I’d totally join you there.

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