>Well, the day is almost over and so far nothing really catastrophic has happened (she said, touching wood… er, formica.) Aside from waiting for a phonecall and missing a movie I wanted to go see. Ah well, there’s always Monday.

Dinner last night was great fun. The restaurant was a total revelation. Apart from being not at all what I expected (the description made it sound like it was someone’s recroom and instead there was exposed brick, linens, and hardwood), and a place I’m sure I will revisit for other special occasions.

I was good and didn’t take a single photo, but at my request our waiter took several of the group so that we could have a memento of the evening. I felt, sitting among friends, glass of wine in hand and a huge and very well cooked lamb shank on the plate before me, as if I had it all. There was good company, great food, laughter was our ambiance and the staff was so kind and helpful and patient with our indecisive selves. The menu, printed on a long sheet of paper and rolled up to fit in a napkin ring, was chock full of the most wonderful dishes- all uncomplicated food prepared simply and quite well (as we discovered.) The hardest part was making up our minds.

When, at the end of the glorious meal, they brought my flourless chocolate cake with a candle on it, the entire restaurant sang- just as they had moments before for a woman on the other side of the room who was celebrating her 93rd.

“You have a long way to go,” said our waiter, Mark, with a wink and a nudge.

Yes, yes I do. And what a long strange road it will probably be!

Everyone at the table urged me to make a wish for something good. I looked around the table and said, with not a touch of irony, that I had everything I wanted. And as I leaned forward to blow out the candle, the husky voice of my dear friend RM rang out: “SEX!”

Well, maybe she’s right.

Bobbi presented me with yon glorious giftie- a hat of many colors knitted from handdyed wool.

RM gave me barbells, a yoga DVD, yoga cards and some fitness-related articles she’d clipped. And there were cards, which were fantastic and fun (love cards on my birthday) and in general it was a perfect evening. I really do believe that no age is that scary if you have good friends to laugh and celebrate with- whether they number 3 or 30. Quality is the name of the game.

The banana cake turned out well. Had a slice for brekkie. Yum. Even my failed attempt at frosting (icing?) turned out well. For some reason the stuff gets soupier the more I stir- and this is before I add milk. Go figure. Still, good stuff.

Once again, lucky!


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  1. >Thanks so much EP!

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