>Crafty bastards.

>This is how a Sunday should end. Or start, depending on how early you get up and how you feel about mimosas. We feel very good about them, thank you.

It is almost wrong how a combination of orange juice and champagne can immeasurably improve one’s outlook on life. Not to mention curing one of that nasty clearheadedness that makes one think of an impending Monday. More mimosas, I say. But only for other people- I am on a mission and cocktails don’t fit in the plan. Foo~!

Brunch version 1.0 was at Mocha Hut so we could get our waffle on. Or rather so I could waffle and BJ could have polenta, eggs with manchego and a portabella.

The mimosas were part of brunch part deux after BJ and I hit the annual Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair put on by the Washington City Paper. It was fuuuuuun. Then we brunched again. We had to- FP, who had joined us much later, was very very hungry. And so, in solidarity with her hunger and because BJ and I were in need of a sit-down and some liquids, we brunched again at Left Bank in Adams Morgan. Even though we are both dieting. So we split an arugula salad with goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts and a light drizzling of oil and vinegar dressing. It was delicious.

But back to the Crafty Bastards- 108 local artisans turned the lot of the Marie Reed Learning Center in Adams Morgan into a giant street fair including puppets, bellydancers and two… people… one in a monkey costume and the other dancing with fans. Whatever. Anyway, it was fun. There were folks who did nifty things with tshirts, jewelry, yarn, and more stuff than you can shake a stick at. There were wine bottle monkeys for goshsakes! It was madness.

Even better most of the vendors were giving away buttons and brooches- from 60 Bugs I got a cute little pin that says “WHEE!” and a yen for one of their onesies for Kai.

We paused at Biggs & Featherbelle to sniff the soaps. One of them is called Handle Bar and contains tea tree oil, neem oil (what is a neem?) and lavender. The logo is precious- a little girl on a bike. I would love to have a tattoo of Biggs, but I still can’t figure out where I’d want it.

Modern Goods had some cute tshirts and iPod bags. Something you never thought you needed until you saw the patterns. And by “you” I mean “me.” And passport covers with a pic of a paper airplane on the front that is beyond precious. Really.

I bought BJ a stuffed s’more from My Paper Crane. Which is so cute it’s making me rethink the whole collecting stuffed animals being dumb thing. She, in turn, got me a cap from Woolarina made from hand dyed wool that the girls had dyed themselves and had no more of. I had tried on the cap and declared myself to be whole and well without it, though I loved the wool and would have made a sweater out of it if they’d had more. But when BJ confessed she had been hoping I would walk away so she could buy it, we sprinted, in a controlled adult way, from one end of the fair to another to find some blonde girl trying it on. Her friend was telling her how fantastic it looked on her. She was fingering the cap as they discussed it and I stood there, impatiently, waiting for it to be put down.

Finally I said, “If you don’t want it, we came from the other end of the lot to get it and–” (fidget, fidget, fidget)

“Oh no!” she said, thrusting it into my hands with a rueful look. “That makes the decision easier.” My birthday is in two weeks! Can’t wait.

So then we met up with FP and mimosa’d. Or rather they mimosa’d and I photo’d. We talked about the crafts and things we’d try if we had the money and a fortune saved from working at a dotcom. And we forgot about being grownups and about work on Monday, and it was good for all concerned. More mimosa, I say.

Oh lordy- can’t wait ’til April. I will mimosa like a crazy person in April.


5 responses to “>Crafty bastards.

  1. >You have a fair called “Crafty Bastards”?? My god, I love your town!And “I will mimosa like a crazy person in April” is definetely quote of the day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. >Thanks!Crafty Bastards started 3 years ago and this year I finally caved in and went. I love supporting small businesses and local creativity. And I guess I’m finally starting to realize what a truly awesome town this is.DC- it’s not just about the politics no ‘mo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. >I say Mimosa all year round! Totally awesome post! I’m glad you had such fun!

  4. >I say Mimosa all year round! Totally awesome post! I’m glad you had such fun!

  5. >dear liz,i am so jealous! my brother and his family used to live on C st SE, a hop, skip and a jump from the great weekend craft booths at eastern market and many are the memories i still have of that wonderful place. the international traders on saturdays with their south american knitwear; the afghani war rugs; the african bead traders. and on sundays, the craftmakers with their original handknit hats and scarves; the velvet scarf lady; the jewelrymakers; and the tempting farmers’ market stands.and, hopefully, a brunch visit to bread and chocolate to get fuelled up for the adventure! ah. wish i was there…

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