Good Stuff: Brats and beer

The folks are back, safe and sound, from Montana, where they had a lovely time fishing and enjoying the national parks, etc. That’s good news.

The stove and oven are fixed!  That’s more good news.

I am back to flipping through cookbooks and magazines and scheming. That’s bad news.

On the other hand, Mom let me fix dinner last night. She had a few opinions about how things should be done, but otherwise she let me do my own thing which was nice.

In the meantime, summer is officially over, which means planning to get together with friends in any place that has an open air sand pit and deckchairs is a touch foolhardy. It also means foliage, which is one of my favorite things ever. And brats cooked in beer with colorful fresh peppers from the garden.

When I was in high school and college, “dad-cooking” meant that Mom was away on business and we could go a little nuts in the kitchen. Usually this meant heading for the grocery store and buying brats or Italian sausage, beer and… things that went with beer. Recently it’s been beer-butt chicken. Cooking with Dad is fun because there’s less “please get out of my way” and more “get over here and help me!”

Generally we don’t grill the brats, but that’s a good variation on the theme. In terms of beer, I tend to gravitate to Heineken because it’s got a fairly mild and bitter bite (and it’s cheap!), but if I could I’d soak’em in Sam Adams Octoberfest, which has a richer, fuller flavor.

On the other hand, maybe soaking them in the Heineken and drinking the Octoberfest is a better way to go…


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