Good Stuff: Ice cream

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. ~Benjamin Franklin

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. ~Don Kardong

Life is full of simple pleasures. However, do they stop becoming pleasures when they start to make your belly pooch out too much or your lungs fill with drek?

Over the past few months I’ve been reevaluating my habits, diet and lifestyle and wondering how I’m going to approach 35 and all that comes after. Since I’m not as active this year as I was last year, when I biked up to 100 miles weekly and participated in timed organized rides, I’m giving a few things up. I ‘ve gained 10 pounds since last November after all! Big yikes.

But which things? I like a glass of white with dinner on occasion, rarely o.d. on carbs, love fresh veggies, I don’t drink lite beer but then I don’t drink beer all that often. I’m a social drinker. If there’s folks around and we’re being social and we’re drinking, I’m there. But no more- the time has come to get drastic.

So what better for a “last meal” than Ben&Jerry’s Black&Tan? Cream stout ice cream swirled with chocolate. I had Sam Adams ‘scream once when I lived in Cambridge- it was like beer slush with a side of milk. Ben&Jerry’s cream stout is something quite beyond. It is like the foam on top of a Guiness; thick and creamy. Oh yummy.

I’ll start the weight-bearing exercise and the calcium supplements. But do not ask me to give up my beer or my ice cream. Because G*d loves us and doesn’t want us to live in darkness and chaos.

At least not all the time.

Note: New discovery- chocolate donut beer. More on that when I pick my jaw up off the floor.


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