Good Stuff: The cook is in.

I have the kitchen, nay the house, to my ownself for TWO WEEKS!

Okay, a little less than that now, but still.

[I should probably explain why this is exciting- I live with a Kitchen Nazi. Someone who knows what is in every cupboard and crisper, who zealously guards the contents of the fridge, and who does not allow for spontaneity in the kitchen. Finding a few red skin potatoes and a chunk of bleu in the ol’ icebox does not impress the Kitchen Nazi- please do not make the bleu cheese mashed potatoes you are so craving as the cheese is for something else and you don’t need to be eating those potatoes. And by the way, I am talking about my mother.]

Since before she and Dad took off for beautiful Montana to do some flyfishing and siteseeing, I’ve been flipping through cooking magazines and picking out recipes, making lists and checking them twice. Poking at produce and dreaming of culinary delights.

Last night I had a group of folks to the manse for an “I’m FREE!” dinner. I made two pans of baked spaghetti- one with olives and artichoke hearts and one without- a huge salad with spinach and fresh peppers from the garden which I picked yesterday morning. Folks brought dessert. BJ brought sunflowers- love them! Unfortunately MK is deathly afraid of the things for some reason. Folks also brought lots of “B” (as in BYOB) but I forgot appetizers. Cardinal rule of entertaining- do not have folks drinking wine on its ownsome unless you want drunk folks. We snacked on TR’s brownies with the red and whiled away the minutes while the spaghetti baked.

I’d forgotten how much fun it is to entertain. The spaghetti was a little drier than I like it to be usually, but I was the only one complaining. Overall, sitting around talking and eating with friends who have been so hospitable in past was a pleasant way to spent a Saturday evening. Even better, said friends are quite appreciative and can make the evening one big ego boost in preparation for the dinner party one is throwing on the 19th. Ulp!

What shall I cook? And more importantly, what will go with the 3 bottles of wine left from my soiree? The possibilities are endless.


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