The (sur)real me.

So I finally figured out how to post a shot of me on the profile page. I’m not ‘net-impaired, just never had the time to play with the site until recently. Click on My Name is Liz over there on the right.

A warning- I am still trying to figure out how to take a good shot of myself. A blunt (ie very rude) ex hit the nail on the head when he told me that in person I can be quite cute but I am terribly unphotogenic. Gee, thanks. He’s right- I can look downright druggy and unhappy when I attempt the sort of bored expression that most models wear in photo shoots- but you just don’t say that.

Anyway, that’s me. Or at least part of me. In a few hours I’m headed off to Lenscrafters to pick up a new pair of glasses and then I might have to update the picture again. Since I am learning how to take clone photos of myself I might have a shot of me in contacts talking to me in glasses. Now there’s a neat challenge…

By the way- that wooden spoon I’m holding has been in the family since I first started makin’ cookies as a munchkin. Mixers are marvy, but you just can’t beat (har.) a good wooden spoon.


4 responses to “The (sur)real me.

  1. >He he, I need a picture that isn’t so “Emo on MySpace”-esque. Cool spoon by the way, although it’s more for beating wandering hands trying to sneak a sample out of the kitchen rather than cooking. “Wooden spoons – beatin’ hands in the cookie dough since 1903!”

  2. >BWAHAHA! You look like you’re about to break into “Mr. Brightside”, darn ‘ya.Or a rousing chorus of WTF? 😉

  3. >LOL, god damn it, why are you so awesome Liz?

  4. >Mutual I’m sure 😉

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