Good Stuff: Breakfast of chumps.

While ordinarily I would agree with this assessment I have a soft spot for some processed foods. Specifically the soft spot is in my belly.

When we were kids Mom bought the mini boxes of cereal for camping trips and we fought over them- the Corn Pops especially. I lost sleep over those. They were the best thing in the bunch. These were the days, dear reader, when you could cut open the box, pour in the milk and eat directly from it. Now everything is perforated because no child could ever be that inventive.

As I got older I gravitated far far away from sugar in a way that is a little bit startling- breakfasts of eggs and toast. Snacks like cheese toast were much more appealing than instant brown sugar flavored oatmeal and the once reviled Special Dark bar in the bag of Hershey’s miniatures became my favorite. Sugar started to repulse me.

However, the other day I discovered a cafe nearby where they sell mini boxes of cereal, little cartons of milk and actual food. I picked up a box of Corn Pops and a box of Cocoa Puffs (the latter of which I’d never actually tried) and learned two things:

1.) They are, in fact, delicious. In small doses.

2.) Once a day is enough. They are not a suitable lunch, for example.

I’ve done it. Back to garden-fresh veggies and lean meat. My tastebuds done growed up.


2 responses to “Good Stuff: Breakfast of chumps.

  1. >i used to love the Cocoa Pebbles. My brother and i would fight over the little box.i wanted to send you the Squid Ink pasta sauce, but the Better Half threw it away when he saw what it did to my mouth! LOL!

  2. >I could eat cereal pretty much all day. Especially Golden Grahams. Yum.Ah, the BH didn’t like the geisha effect of having your teeth darkened? So sad!

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