Dining Out: Park it already.

I have two hard and fast rules about dining out:

1.) I never EVER order stuff I could easily make at home.
2.) I always go for places with free parking or near a metro stop.

Number 1 I sometimes trip up on, but Number 2 is nonnegotiable. Especially after Monday night.

I live 2 miles from downtown Bethesda where there is a plethora of restaurants, theaters and shops that are to die for. Parking, however, is ALL metered. Unless you drive to the top floor of the nearest parking garage and luck into a 15 hour meter, you are stuck with 2 hour meters, which means that going to the movies is a real pain in the arse and forget about a long leisurely meal. RiRa was a case in point. After one debacle after another I finally got my meal and then had to scamper out of the restaurant to feed the meter just as my scallops were wending their way to the table. Bleah.

Anyway, on Monday we headed to Olazzo, a little Italian place with no parking and few tables. I had found a spot that was free for 2 hours. It was in front of a church and 3 city blocks from the restaurant. Which meant I was checking my watch every few minutes. Which was entertaining for someone, I’m sure, but not me.

We went down the street to a pub to kill time while waiting for a table. And I had to keep checking my watch, because in Bethesda there be parking nazis. Once I went out for dinner and came back, 10 minutes late, to a ticket. Dinner was $20, the ticket was $25.

Yeah, I know, get some cheese for that whine.

I’m just sayin’, I love where I live (though not the circumstances, granted) but it is frustrating beyond believe that there is so much good stuff nearby and the only thing stopping me from enjoying it is that I can’t park my car anywhere.

Bottom line: I would rather spend my money on tapas than parking.

Pics to come and a link of Olazzo.


One response to “Dining Out: Park it already.

  1. >I agree with number 1. If I can make it to some degree or another, I’m not ordering it. Hence why I don’t get it when people go to a nice place to order something like spaghetti. O.oHowever, I will bend once in a while cause i’m also quite lazy.

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