Good Stuff: Newsflash! Food critic hates something edible!

Tom Sietsema, the food writer at The Washington Post, slammed La Pigalle in the Sunday magazine. Yup, I read it this afternoon.

This is unfortunate for two reasons:

1.) La Pigalle is owned by the same folks who gave us Bistro du Coin, which is one of the most lovable French places in DC, in my opinion. I certainly gave it some love.
2.) Okay, I lied, there’s only one reason that’s bad. It’s actually fortunate because I was thinking of suggesting this place to the girls after we hit the National Gallery for the Rosseau exhibit next Sunday. So thank you, Tom, for giving me the head’s up on that one.

I like reading food criticism, but once in awhile the rapture gets cloying. Sometimes I want a little more than just a love fest, because I am not rich and I can’t afford to not get the full story when I pick a restaurant. I know the bad ones are out there and, rather than just ignore them, sometimes food critics need to take a hit in the tum for the team and then alert the public.

Thanks for the bad review, Tom. I’ll keep reading.


One response to “Good Stuff: Newsflash! Food critic hates something edible!

  1. >I agree. And sometimes the punch in the stomach makes for the most entertaining review.

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