Good Stuff: The Scoop! on the new Haagen Dazs flavor

It’s delicious.

I don’t usually get excited about the newest, cool thing, but I love ice cream, so after watching the Scoop! special on the Food Network I knew this had to be done- I would have to find this ice cream and see if it really was all that.

After not finding it in my local supermarket and being confused by its lack-of-being-thereness (I live just outside of DC, which is a fairly cosmopolitan area, after all) I called HD and got a run down on the local stores that carry it and ended up driving out to Chevy Chase.

Because I like ice cream. No, I love ice cream.

Few pints remained- I snagged one for me and the folks and one for Patti and Branden, had them well wrapped, then placed in an insulated bag so they wouldn’t melt.

It’s yummy. It was so good, in fact, that in all the excitement I totally forgot to eat it the way they did on the show- dig in with your metal spoon, then flip the spoonful over so that the slightly softened ice cream hits your tastebuds first. I’ll just have to try that on Sunday when I pop open pint #2 with friends.

The overall flavor is infused with a touch of spice. It’s not too sweet, the creamy base base is not too strong but supports the ingredients admirably, the cake chunks are moist and tasty (two words that make my spine itch) rather than gummy as I was afraid they would be. The toffee swirl is perfect- it melts on the tongue and has a “saucey” texture. I was bracing myself for something chunky and waxy, but I woefully underestimated the lovely folks at Haagen Dazs- the swirl was, as I said, perfect. It blended into the ice cream perfectly. (Note to self: buy thesaurus with B&N giftcard pronto!)

Judianne Woo, the creator, said she was inspired by a dessert she had in England, which she says is well replicated at a place in NYC. I will definitely seek out the sticky toffee pudding at Schiller’s when I go.

It’s available in stores through January of next year. Not sure if it’s in scoop shops, but investigating would not be a wasted effort.

In my family, a pint between 3 people does not stay in the freezer once it has been opened. And this flavor was no exception.

To find the limited edition Sticky Toffee Pudding, call the nice folks at Haagen Dazs (1-800-767-0120), give them your name and zipcode and they will happily tell you where to get your very own pint of this amazing concoction.


3 responses to “Good Stuff: The Scoop! on the new Haagen Dazs flavor

  1. >I need to find some here. I wonder what toffee pudding taste like?

  2. >This stuff is amazing, and right now i need to go get more…!!!

  3. >True dat! I hope they start carrying it in all stores rather than a select few.

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