Good Stuff: Something’s fishy in the non-state of DC

The DC Waterfront is not really one of those places I expected to like, much less want to go to. It smacks of sticky ends- of goombahs in cement shoes, dirty deals in the back of a limo and that ridiculous Verizon commercial (“Hey, do you guys get reception down by the docks?”). Not a summer holiday sort of place.

However, the waterfront is also, locally, the best place for seafood. Rather than trudge over to Hogate’s, McCormick&Schmick’s or Legal Seafood (a place I prefer to hit only when in Massachusetts), one can sample the best clam chowder on the East Coast, the tastiest shrimp and yummiest hushpuppies. I love hushpuppies, sue me.

A group of us armed ourselves with cameras and went to the waterfront to see what we could see. We were on a mission to capture texture and color.

For a good city block you can wander the market, admiring the pretty fishies on ice. And then you notice there’s a bit of a gap between the ground and the stall you’re hovering in front of- because it’s a barge. The market is a string of barges. Not like the floating markets in Thailand, but the smells and sounds are similar if slightly tamer.

And after we photographed the fishies, we ate’em. For $10 you can get two entrees and two sides and despite a questionable crabcake that was so squishy inside that I wondered how long it had been in the boiling oil, the scallops were soft and literally buttery. Yum. The hushpuppies were good too. And scorchingly hot.

And the best part is, no wise guys.


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