Good Stuff: RedHook, line and sinker.

Brewery tours are great fun, especially when they come with samples.

RedHook, based in Woodinville, WA, gives good tour. They sell you a sample glass for $2 or you can pay $1, take the tour, and get a glass for “free” that gets filled with whatever is on tap between your guide’s info-musings.

Basically, it went like this (with a few omissions- remember, I was drinking):

Everyone files into a taproom with a view of the vats. The guide asks if anyone would like some beer. Yes please! And then you are treated to a sample of the IPA, while your guide describes the history of Redhook. You find out that the IPA was formerly called the “Ballard Bitter” back when the brewery was in Fremont. It’s now theo, the chocolate shop, but the building has not been changed, nor will it.

“Anyone want a beer?”

Well, duh!

Then comes a sample of the ESB and a wander into the packing section of the plant for an explanation of how all that lovely stuff gets shipped around the world.

“Anyone want a little beer?”


Then came a sample of the seasonal Sunrye and a rundown of seasonals. There was also a Blackhook porter, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

“Anyone want some beer?”


At this point I think we had the Porter. Can’t really recall in what order it came in, just that I liked it. I love ambers and porters in general. And there was talk of how the beer actually gets made. And you can sample some actual hops and malt. Crunchy.

“Anyone for another beer?”

Hunh? Dozed off there. Geez, I hope he didn’t see me drooling!

Mmm… the Blonde. Hey, I’m blonde. I’m not? Well, I was when I was a kid. This is good! I had it with dinner (a meat and cheese plate appetizer that was more than enough food, though after all this beer I might need more… did I want a tshirt from the giftshop? Yeah, should probably get one. Wonder what size I am?). Oh wait, it wasn’t dinner, it was lunch…

Anyway, it was a great tour.

I think.


One response to “Good Stuff: RedHook, line and sinker.

  1. >Damn, sounds like a good time. In Vacaville here, the Budwiser Company and Jelly Belly Factory are next door to each other. It’s a wonderful day when you can make a brunch out of free samples of beer and candy.

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