Good Stuff: Needle in a haystack.

Sunshine in Seattle is as rare and wonderful as a sensible voice in Congress, so when it is available it makes more than perfect sense to take advantage of it.

Which is why, when the sun poked out of the clouds and made itself known, I decided to head to the Space Needle for the morning.

The Space Needle is one of those things you’ve seen a million times before, I bet. It’s fun, but requires little thought and a lot of just chilling out, which is something I’m not good at- sitting and staring out at scenery. However, the timing must have just been right.

By the way, worst spring roll ever “award” goes to Zabb in Pike Place Market. No pictures- you don’t need to see me making an “ick” face. Really. The Thai spring roll was cheap and tasteless and I only finished it because I was a little low on blood sugar and wasn’t about to buy a piroshky the size of my head (tempting, but no) and I needed a bit of a kick.

I followed it up with a Three Girls Bakery cookie, which wasn’t all that good either. It was cardboard-y and sugary without having any real flavor. Hopefully the Dahlia Bakery, when I find it, will be worth it- it’s owned by Tom Douglas who is just as beloved as Jimi Hendrix out here. Except that Douglas is a chef. Hah.

View: 10 Food: 0

Note: The Dahlia bakery lived up to it’s rep.

This post has been brought to you by Liz, who likes you very much!


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