Good Stuff: Requiem for a Sunbeam.

This probably just looks like a piece of avante guard art to you, but no- this is what DESPAIR looks like. In broken mixer bowl form.

My mother has had our Sunbeam mixer since I was a very small child in the early 70’s. I remember using it for Christmas cookies, birthday cakes, pancakes, whipping cream and all sorts of things. The sound of the mixer meant something wonderful was going to come out of the oven.

Unfortunately the mixer has started to go recently. The motor is shot and it goes at exactly one speed- throw everything all over the darn place- rather than 10 which start with “Fold” and finish with “Whip”. The beaters look like they were used on rocks.

And then about a week ago I managed to break the smaller of the two mixing bowls. Not sure how, it was in the sink barely touching another bowl and I dropped something into the sink and suddenly the bowl was in shards.

I delivered the news to my mother as if it were a death in the family, but she merely said that it was old and it was no big deal. I didn’t tell her that I’d been planning to take the Sunbeam with me when I moved out and that I was crushed.

Rest in peace, old kitchen friend.


3 responses to “Good Stuff: Requiem for a Sunbeam.

  1. >I understand completely. I went away for a 2 week trip while I was in college. I lived with my dad…but did most of the domestic things my mother had done before she died. When I returned I found that my father had cleaned the kitchen and in the process lost the beater for my gramma’s 50 year old mixer. This was before the days of ebay. I called Kitchen Aid. I hunted through old hardware shops. Finally I threw it away. I cried. It was so special to me. I have a new kitchen aid which I love, but it will never be the old beloved mixer with the glass bowl. You sincerely have my sympathies. Wendy

  2. >The brand-spankin’ new big-ass KitchenMaid my momma bought me for Christmas was a heck of a nice surprise, and I hope it lasts long enough for me to have developed similar feelings of attachment.Or, at least long enough to make some killer cookies.

  3. >In case you need someone to facilitate those cookies… well, you know how to find me 😉

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