Good Stuff: Gimme, gimme, gimme!

My St. Patty’s Day shirt came in the mail today!

For real. I needed a green shirt and couldn’t find one I liked at any of the discount stores I’ve been hitting lately (must find a new black bag) so when I got a package from New York I knew 2 things for certain:

1.) I still owed the person who was sending me this thing chocolate.
2.) I would owe her more chocolate for this thing. And a check.

The natural thing to do in this instance was to put the shirt on and go out to pub quiz night. Where my teammates thought it would be spiffy to name our team after my shirt. And thus, Team Gimme Pancakes! was born. And I was their leader, MWAHAHAHA! Okay, I was in my little universe. We still lost because I didn’t identify a George Bernard Shaw quote even though I used to be an English major.

And then it had to be worn for St. Patty’s Day.

I am not a huge fan of green- I was actually hoping to get the purple edition of this little work of art, but the color has grown on me. In fact, it makes me smile, because having creative and interesting friends is a wonderful thing indeed.

The problem with wearing this shirt is that it causes people to start at one’s chest and smile a lot.

It also gives one a craving for pancakes.

This post has been brought to you by Liz, who likes you very much!


One response to “Good Stuff: Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  1. >AHHH! :DTEAM GIMME PANCAKES! THAT IS SO AWESOME! I’m glad this shirt has made such an impact on your life. I think. Yes. 🙂 Yeah, it’s weird when people are staring at your chest. When i realized that people were looking at me strangely because of my shirt, I thought “..ohh..yeaah…okay my shirt is weird.”The shirt is good if you’re drunk or otherwise incapacitated and need to convey to people that you need food. Just point to the shirt.Don’t worry about chocolate and things. Well…not at this moment, hehe. I haven’t been in a chocolate mood; isn’t that horrible? I want my chocolate craving! 😦

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