Kitchen!fail: When good cupcakes go wrong

Sometimes things just do not work.

No one knows this the way Sheryl Crow does: the woman recorded a song called “My Favorite Mistake” about a love that was so good and so very very wrong. They say it’s about Eric Clapton, but personally I’m thinking she must have been referencing Kid Rock.

In cooking, we make some mistakes as well. Not all of them favorites, and some downright embarrassing. The curdled cream sauce, the inflammable plum pudding, the meatloaf that wouldn’t stay “loaf”-ed.

But of all cooking mistakes, overseasoning is quite possibly the worst. And substitutions are bad too. Chili powder, Dutch cocoa, and cayenne are not the same as ancho. Really. And dumping in close to a quarter cup of same does not help the situation. Especially in cupcakes.

These little beauties were put out in front of a group of women, and were not devoured instantly. Because they made people cry. And not even a Hoover Dam of cream cheese frosting can stop Niagara Falls.

These look so good they would make you cry tears of joy. Really.


8 responses to “Kitchen!fail: When good cupcakes go wrong

  1. >oooh Liz. i can’t imagine ANY cupcake being so bad that it wouldn’t warrant being eaten (much less make me cry)! but then again, that’s why they call me Easily Pleased – sometimes too much so. You’ll just have to make make-up cupcakes. Kinda like make-up sex, but with frosting.

  2. >Too true! Although make up sex with frosting… hmmm…Actually, I had a friend snarf one of these down the other day- she was crying about something and it made her laugh, which means I didn’t fail totally.

  3. >There’s got to be an alternative use for these cupcakes…. just find it out, package them accordingly and you’re an entrepreneur. Let’s think… To Frathouses as a safe hazing alternatives? April Fools Day favors? For Father’s Day as macho-man cupcakes?

  4. >A good cupcake gone wrong? Wouldn’t think there WAS such a thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. >Liz, Emily here! The cupcakes were not terrible. The texture was perfect. You should try them again but without the cayenne, and with less chili. I have some Aztec-style hot chocolate that has chili in it and it’s delicious, so you were on the right track…

  6. >ah yes, things going wrong…I have my share of this and man, I got upset! My worst time was cooking Indian and I had put SO much spices, we could not talk!You are tempting me to try cup cakes. Never did! Mind you, in France we don’t have them so it is new to me!

  7. >Liz: They look beautiful! When I made these I didn’t know anything from ancho chili…here’s the important thing…you did it…I love rhat! Now ket back in the kitchen!

  8. >Thanks all!Bea: try them! 52 Cupcakes and Cupcake Bakeshop totally inspired me.Cupcake Queen: Thank you! I’m going to give it another shot. But without the red. The red is a little disturbing right now. Makes my eyes water ๐Ÿ˜‰

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