>Tea with ‘tude.

>I have to say, I’m a huge fan of places that use an eclectic mix of dishware. Cafe Lalo does it, Tryst does it. But Ching Ching Cha is better because it’s all the same pattern. Sort of.

The Washington Post Magazine has a dining section presided over by Tom Sietsema, who I don’t often agree with on matters food, but that’s another story. In the 2/12 issue, instead of regaling me with yet another pricey, please don’t make me drive to Virginia, restaurant, he listed “5 Fun Places to Say, ‘I Love You'”. That crafty crafty man.

Anyway, place number one is Ching Ching Cha in Georgetown. I met my cousin there once for one of my “don’t know what I’m doing with my life, give me a job anywhere” chats. It didn’t work out (just as well- I don’t think I’d fit in at the CIA), but I fell in love with the place. Haven’t been back since, but it’s always on my mind, especially this time of year when the weather outside is so… frightful.

It’s a tea room that isn’t afraid to be a tea room. But it’s really a winter place- not so much for people watching, but rather for tasting and relaxing. You could go there and read Memoirs of a Geisha and lose yourself. I went to a similar place in Kowloon and now I imagine CCC there, for some reason: the place has intertwined itself in my memory with the best Chinese shops.

The wood, the low tables and cushions on the floor, the aromas of tea and yummies in the kitchen. The electic mix of old… and older tea pots, cups and bowls. It’s like being the home of a good friend. Sheer bliss on a cold day.


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